Monday, August 16, 2010

Amazing Grace

How Sweet...How Sweet thy sound....

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sure makes it hard... get anything done when this is what surrounds you.....

Monday, May 10, 2010

Smith Randle Bailey

It's a strange feeling to get older. It's just...interesting for lack of better word.

I remember when I was in 10th or 11th grade and watched many of my friends siblings' get married and thought- WOW, I can't believe they are getting married.

I remember friends graduating and still remembering the days we shared in Elementary School.

I am now seeing my sisters friends graduate college- and I can remember when those girls were in Kindergarten!

I remember how crazy it was when Christine and David got married. (they were the first high school classmates that I was aware of uniting in marriage back then). And now they have 2 beautiful daughters.

I remember many many more of my friends, and myself, finding our soul-mates and embarking on the journey of marriage.

And then many of those have gone and had beautiful children who look just like their parents, and it's strange..because they are like mini-me's of my friends...

....and then I saw some of my friends' marriages fail. Divorce. Are we really old enough for that?? I mean, old enough to have been married and then learn it just wouldn't work and then experience divorce? All in the 9 years since we have graduated HIGH SCHOOL ??? My gosh where does the time go.

Each time a "life event" occurs I just sit and reflect on the fact that life is happening around me. Things that I watched "older" people go through are now becoming my reality, my friend realities. My classmates realities. It kind of stops me in my tracks.

You see, I began reading blogs probably 3 years ago...I have no idea how I came across the first one I read, but the first blog I ever read was: Ashley Adam's Journal and it shared the story of this adorable baby who had multiple organ transplants, and shared the story of her ongoing journey. From there, Ashleys mom would link here and there from time to time and share with her readers, other blogs to read. So before I knew it, I had 40+ blogs "bookmarked" to read from wedding planning, to house decorating, to baking, to babies with illness, and then bringing things full circle when I would click on what I thought was a "new blog" in the blogosphere to find that it was actually an acquaintances blog. It's just been a very small world to me- this world of blogging.

I remember reading so many blogs about babies who were born with life threatening diseases, babies who beat the odds, and babies who would ultimately be called Home far before the people on this Earth felt fair. I remember not knowing these mothers or fathers, or babies or anyone in their family in fact- but my heart still ached for them, and I just can't explain how or why my heart would sit and read and read about these miracles and how many hearts they touched in such a short time.

I remember that the "closest to home" that a story of heartache came- was when Sydney Grace came into the world, but would never breathe a breath on this Earth. For this sweet babe would only breathe in the womb. Her mother attended church with me for years, and I can remember looking up to her growing up- and her now-husband being just as awesome as can be "back in the day". I remember reading the posts that Alyssa wrote in the hours and days and weeks and months and years since Sydney's birth and just being in complete shock that someone I knew had experienced the loss of a child. A child that you had prayed for, longed for, prepared for...just...taken from this Earth. I couldn't imagine. I remember 2.5 years ago when Syd was born thinking "man...we [my friends and acquaintances] are all getting older. These events that I remember simply hearing about in my younger years and being so naive to, are suddenly becoming a very close reality.

Well today I have learned that not only are we getting older- but some of my very own classmates, friends my very same age, who I graduated with, acted silly with, and never dreampt in a million years would experience such a jolt, have said goodbye to their little fighter.

Jon and Kori Bailey said goodbye to their precious son, Smith Randle Bailey, today- as he went to be with our Father. Kori carried Smith for 23 weeks and 6 days before she birthed this teeny, tiny precious baby boy.

Smith Randle Bailey
Born April 29th 2010 at 3:14 am
1 lbs. 8 oz.
12.5 in long!

Jon, and Kori and an amazing team of doctors and nurses would fight right along side with Smith for 12 days as this little boy fought for every minute he was given. I encourage you to head over to this website and watched the amazing slideshow that their photographer put together. There is more emotion in this slideshow than I can even begin to explain. Such a tiny tiny miracle that in 12 days has touched more hearts than I very well have in my 27 years.

Please with our without watching the slideshow if you feel comfortable, head over to Jon, Kori, and Smiths Blog and leave them a thought or two.

I cannot begin to imagine the heartache, the loneliness, the aching of a mother and father's arms to hold their baby once again. I can't imagine the battle with Faith that I would have if this were my child. But I do know- Jon and Kori have amazing strength as a couple. They will look to the Father for strength, guidance and hope. The days where the will to go on is nowhere in sight, I pray they are given the strength by Him to take another step forward.

Jon and Kori- I am so very sorry for this indescribable loss. Smith was loved by so many, and Smith touched numerous hearts. God's timing and plan are perfect- and I am so glad you got to experience Mother's Day with sweet Smith. The words of Mark Schultz's song play through my head over and over..."You are a child of Mine, born of My own design..."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Going to be doing some "Traveling"... on words...pun intended...stay tuned. It's been way too long since I've blogged. If any of yall are still out there, I appreciate you checking in :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All in a day's work...

...things that I encountered today {just to name a few}...

1) Have an insured named "Let Sei". Only "Let Sei" wasn't driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, it was "Let Boy".

2) Have an insured who's name is: Hung Longh

3) Had an insured who called me LIVID because their vehicle had been repo'd by their lien holder- and demanded I "get it back". When asked if they had been making their payments even their car had been totaled 1.5 month ago and we were still negotiating settlement they replied "NO! I aint's gonna make no currr payments when I aint's gots no curr". {ahem, car payments=no car...just sayin'}

4) Had an insured who called and filed a comprehensive claim for the theft of their vehicle. Swearing it was "stoled" from their friends apartment. They filed a police report and everything. Upon investigating, it turns out the apartments towed the car for parking illegally. {Here's your sign...}

5) Got called a heffer {again}

6) Came across a claimant who's name is: Dan Colon. Well his wife was driving the car when the accident happened so her name is on the claim too. I learned that she hyphenates her last name so her name is: Linda Loud-Colon. {really woman...REALLY??}

7) Read a police report where the cop stated: Upon arriving to the scene of the accident {where my insured hit 3 cars, and then a home} I saw two Native American men, Blackburn and Tinstar. When talking to Blackburn it was apparent he had been drinking as his breath and person smelled of alcohol. He has slowed and slurred speech while talking to me. In the middle of our conversation, Blackburn began to urinate on himself. When asked why he was urinating, Blackburn responded by saying "I really had to go and I couldn't hold it any longer".

Enough Said......