Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Dress's Maker.....

No no no no...the dress in the picture is not my dress. But what it the designer of my dress. My dress that is SITTING AT LENZ BOUTIQUE WAITING FOR ME TO GO TRY IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dress came in, FINALLY after 4, long, long months!!!! My mom, sister, and one of my bridesmaids are coming with me on Saturday for my first try-on!!!

I have decided how I am going to wear my I should be able to determine what my veil(s) will be as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so so so so so thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob keeps asking to see a picture of the dress. Could someone PLEASE reiterate to this works?!?!?!?!?!

PS- Rob bought a Nintendo Wii the other night. The games on that console will WEAR YOU OUT!!!!!!!!! I am actually sore today from the boxing game! Yup. How pathetic is that!!!! I highly recommend the Wii. "Wii" have had so much fun playing with it, and "Wii" are both competitive, so it's a great way to duke it out with each other ;)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blogger Bugger- LOL

No...not BOOGER...but BUGGER.

Mrs.Lauren Neaves has informed me that I need to update. Yep...let's go ahead and add this to my "To-Do" list and we will go ahead and cross it off as well!!! It seems these days, that anything, and I mean ANYTHING I can cross off a list, is a welcomed blessing!

Have I mentioned how very glad I am to only be planning 1 wedding in my lifetime?!?!? I love planning my wedding, don't get me wrong. However- I simply mean I will not be pursuing a career as a wedding planner...or anything having to do with weddings, LOL. And in all wedding planning hasn't been a nightmare. Not even close. It is just tedious. Well, maybe that's due to a 14 month engagement...but then again- it could be due to the fact that I am SO very ready to be married :)

As far as wedding business dress ships in a little over a week!!!!! I can't wait!!!! I think I have found the hairstyle for the big day, as well as determined my veil fiasco..and whether I was going to wear it ontop of my hair, or have it coming out from below. How did I solve this, you ask??? I suppose you will have to attend the big day, to find out ;) I'm very very excited about my conclusion, and think it will work out perfectly!!!!!

Lets see...Rob and I bought all of the scrapbook/cardstock paper we needed for our Save the Date invites! YAHOO!! We went last weekend out to the Gaylord, and took the picture for them as well! Now, I just need to find 98239813 sheets of Vellum, and find some ribbon...and then we can put them together and mail them out!

I need to pick out Flower Girl Dresses

I/We need to determine what kind of Tux's the guys will wear...

I need to meet with Laurens mom, and determine our cakes :)

And all of the smaller- minute yet MASSIVE details :)

The diet is progressing lovely. We have majorly cut back on things, and have begun eating much healthier. Even hitting the gym as well!!! I sure hope to see some results, soon!!

Rob and I have a small, quaint Engagement Party this Saturday night. Just a few close people, who are in town. It's a Mexican Theme/Margarita it should be lots of fun :)

Work is going fabulous...and I love my job!
The Dogs are still nuts...that will never change :)'s short but sweet...and I won't wait another 2 weeks before updating again :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year..Time to Buckle Down

....Time to buckle down on LOTS of things! Diets (seriously this year), Exercise (With my new Buff Brides DVD), and WEDDING PLANNING!!!!!! Our wedding is creeping up on me in just 9 short months! I remember when it was 14 months until the wedding, and everyone was saying "Oh wow, you have SOOOO much time". Hmmmm...where the hell did these last 5 months go, LOL. But, I do remember saying back to them: "Yes,it's still a ways away, but we have the holidays coming up, and before you know it, we will be in 2008."

Hmmm....well, we're here. January 1st, 2008. Wow. Time flies in life. Somehow I blinked and I am now 25, getting married in 9 months. It's amazing.

We are starting diets today. Serious diets. First thing to cut back on = Cokes. (Diet Cokes, Sprite, Regular Cokes, etc....) I have GOT to ween myself off of having so many a day. I would ideally like to never drink them again, but I'm not sure if that will happen, so I am going to take baby steps and see where I get. Today...I will start with 1 coke max a day. And MUCH more water. (YUCK) Everyone who knows me, KNOWS, how much I HATE water. Give me anything but water! LOL.

Time to pick back up with wedding planning as well!!! Yes, I have the big things done, but there are still small things! Rob and I will be doing the Save The Dates here in the next couple of weeks, so that is very exciting!

I hope everyone had a very Happy and Safe Holiday season, and I hope 2008 will be a wonderful year for everyone!