Saturday, May 30, 2009

...just takes a little time, sometimes... get your feet back on the ground. Takes a little time some turn the Titanic around {thank you Amy Grant}....

I'm again taking a small break. Still smothered in frustration, sadness, feeling hopeless and very stressed out. I hope to be back to my old self very VERY soon.

I hope you all understand how much I appreciate all of the support and encouragement! Please continue reading and checking back!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Praise You in this Storm

Life is tough....really really tough right now. I am broken, I am deflated. I know a lesson is being taught. I know this. I know I am being grown. I know this. I am not alone. I know this. In what I hope and pray will be a long life for myself as an individual and as a life with my husband this time will be a very small part of our life together. I know this.

Man how I thought back in kindergarten that my mom not packing me the snack I wanted or only packing fruit and nothing sweet for dessert was the worst thing in the world. I remember in 5th grade thinking a girl having better scrunch socks than men was the worst thing that could happen to me. I remember in 10th grade, thinking that me not having a brand new car might be so important..and in 12th grade me thinking that performing for the last time with my friends on drill team might just break my heart in two. A couple of long distance relationships had my stomach in knots and it seemed like it "just wasn't fair". Wedding photographers and flower and colors and perfection- seemed to be what defined me for 14 months of wedding planning.

And you know- at all of those points in time, those were my storms. I don't think I praised. I think I thought I was praising and seeking the Truth and the Lesson, but now that I really take a good look back, I thought I was owed a happy ending.

I am a good person. I want good for others. I want to have a successful career, a love filled marriage and well behaved children someday. Therefore, God will have planned for my life to be "an easy one". Am I or was I this naive??

Yall I don't have words right now. None at all. I have enough tears right now to flood our home..but I have no words. My heart is so broken and I have never felt so dumb and ignorant to life and it's ways as I do right.this.very.moment.

There will be harder lessons to learn in the future. I know this. This will not be the toughest thing Rob and I have to battle through as a couple. I know this. My life is still good even through my tear filled eyes. I know this.

Sometimes eyes cleansed with tears see the clearest.

All I can do right now is play this song over and over and over.

God has a plan for me. A plan for us. He says to trust him. He says to me "Amy, I love you and you are to follow me. I have a plans for you far beyond your dreams. I know this."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can he do it?? ....Yes he can!!- and on a random note..

Sweet Sweet goodness. I hope Adam wins tonight. Now let me say, I completely understand about the American Idol contract restrictions, 90 Day Waiting period for any outside contract negotiations, he might be better off not winning blah blah blah talk-- but when it comes to the competition part... I hope he wins. I think Kris is a doll, and I think we might not see his mousy wife around for long (sorry folks) BUT I think Adam is far more talented and a far better singer. Can he be over the top and over dramatic at times?? Of course, but then again--so can I =) HA! So at any rate- as far as the winner/loser concept of Idol, I hope Adam wins.

And I think Kara Dioguardi is gorgeous, and I think she is a great singer- but that song last night was HORRID. I don't recall hardly any of the "Debut Single" songs written by producers/co-writers, that I have really drooled over, but all of the judges, EVEN KARA, said that the song wasn't great for either of them. HELLO, if you have said all along that so and so would be seen in the finale, how about you at least try and write a song that is a little better than that! I guess the positive of that wretched song is that neither of them sang it well, so it cancels each others performance out, right?

Hmmm...gonna be a nail biter of a 2 hour finale. And I was actually very glad that Ryan let us know that it was going to run over, so that I knew to DVR the next show as well, so it doesn't shut off like LAST YEAR when he gets to the line "And the WINNER...of American Idol Season 9 (or whatever it is) is _______________ {cue DVR Do You Want To Delete Now} pop up. I nearly keeled over last year and passed out. We will have none of that.

So anyway- Yes Adam, I love you and I think you are fantastic and talented and a very genuinely kind person. Even if you like boys. Or whatever.


So I won a giveaway that I blogged about here, a few weeks ago.

I received my tote in the mail, and it's totally adorable and I wag it around everywhere. Seriously. Match or not- it is sported hanging off my right shoulder. Love it.

I flip flop around in my flops any time the opportunity presents itself. I seriously LOVE flip flops, on pedicured toes of course.

And just the other day, I received my sign in the mail!!! I had contacted Susie from My Flip Flopz and decided on paint colors/design and I had known what I wanted the sign to say all along :) So below is a picture of the ADORABLE sign she painted for me, and I have hung it VERY proudly right by the front door, as I deemed that appropriate. You will see some sticks on the right hand side of the picture, and a tiny bit to the right of those dead limbs stuck in an adorable canister you will find the front door. Just in case you care. Since I know you do. Ok, onto the picture....

Totally adorable, right?!!? Go to her Etsy shop, located here and grab one =) She is super fun to work with, and can create pretty much anything you want!!


I swear...I love our two pups. Love them to death. They don't get sick often, thank heavens, but when they do- pets sure as heck know how to rack up a darn good vet bill, don't they?!? Beudreaux has a "deep seeded skin infection" (aka Staph-which I diagnosed before taking him to the vet) so after some skin scrapings and feeling all over his body (not to mention the aspirations they had to do b/c they felts some lumps they wanted to make sure weren't cancerous)- we came out of the vet with $180 deducted out of our bank account, 3 weeks worth of horse sized pills, a stop at the grocery store to buy some cheap brand American Cheese slices to give the dog said pills because he doesn't like peanut butter (is he weird or what?!?) and a shampoo that I am supposed to bathe him with 2-3 times a week. Um hello kind vet, would YOU like to come over and bathe him 2-3 times a week??? He's very good in the bath, but it kills my back and I then have to clean the bathtub once I clean him. I could use the hose but Beudreaux LOVES the hose and thinks it's the greatest gift in the world when he gets to play with the hose. I get so frustrated with him that I squirt it hard in his snout when I'm bathing him- and he thinks I hung the darn moon. I DIGRESS!!!!!

But- the medicine is working, there was nothing cancerous, just doesn't metabolize as well at 7 years old- so the spots were Lymphoma's (fatty cells and tissue) and is just storing fat, ahem, like his OWNER.

And here is a fabulous picture that my husband took of Beudreaux one day miz-snooze.

Love him. Love him. Love him.


Alright, enough rambling for this post. I have so many other things the hamster inside my head is telling me to report, but frankly, I am using the home PC of the people I nanny for b/c I left my laptop at home, and I am getting carpal tunnel wrist or carpal tunny body or something from sitting in this kinked position, so I'm off to do better things. Aka- drink a diet coke =)

Talk soon loves!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You...

...a really decent post, I swear. Just recooping and soaking in this amazing weather we are having!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More, More, More

...more fantastic giveaways that can be found at Fabulous Fun Finds!!!

Color Me Cute Splat Mat & Bib

Color Me Cute offers "sweet baby items for your little cuties." From bibs to stroller blankets to toddler belts to swaddle blankets, these hand-made beauties are sure to please! The laminated splat mats are fabulous for easy clean up underneath a high chair, and come in the latest trendy prints. For you mother's with toddlers out there these mats would also make the perfect floor covering for your art areas! Each mat has a lip edge that helps keep those spills on the mat and not on your floor.

Punkydoo Kids Cuddle Gown

Punkydoo Kids and her Etsy Shop offer "alternative clothes for the hip & cool." Check out these trendy infant cuddle gowns, for example! Visit Punkydoo Kids and Etsy Shop to see the available prints: rock & roll, motorcycles, giraffe, china doll, and more.

Balboa Baby Nursing Cover

Balboa Baby supports the modest mother through their nursing covers. The innovative Balboa Baby® Nursing Cover allows you to feel comfortable and confident nursing your baby anywhere. The Nursing Cover is contoured to fit around you and your baby – keeping the fabric securely in place so you can nurse at ease. Balboa Baby nursing covers come in a variety of chic prints! The neckline is structured to help the fabric stay away from your body, so you can have eye contact with your baby while you are nursing.

Girls...yall head over and enter these giveaways!!!!! Don't Forget I have lots and lots more about 2 posts down!!

Hope yall are having a great week!

Random "Facts" of Kindness my head... I'm sure I have enough babbling interesting intelligent things that I could use to write about 8 different posts...but I just feel rather sporadic and random today--and it's my blog, so there =)

1) I love American Idol and I love Adam. I know he loves boys, maybe, but I still have this ridiculous infatuation. When he comes on the screen to sing or shoot, even on my iTunes to sing the world stands still. I block out all dog barks, people around, background noise, husband rambling wealth of knowledge and my eyes are focused on him. Seriously...I don't care if you think all he does is scream, he screams in tune. The guy is simply amazing.

2) I think Kris is very very attractive, and I think his wife is mousy. Mousy or not, she's about to be rich. Hmmph.

3) Danny- well he is good, but I just....I don't know...I don't really get into him much. Wouldn't buy his CD. I would buy Kris's CD and would Sleep with Adam's CD every single night...but I'm not so sure about Danny.

4) I doubt anyone cares what I think about American Idol, but the hamster's on it's wheel today, and wanted to get that out =)

5) School is out for the semester for me. You would think a whole entire post should be dedicated to this, but this last final has me feeling rather down. I don't think I did I'm pouting and anxious. Blah.

6) I am so ready for summer, so ready for a tan but free willy will NOT be seen in a bathing suit at the pool this summer. You can thank me now.

7) Fabulous Fun Finds is in the middle of her amazing Baby Blast Giveaway week, and I LOVE her newest item up for grabs!!

Isn't it precious??? If you want one of these blankets, just hop on over here and ENTER!!

**and don't forget to scroll down and see the rest of the other 19 items up for grabs...HERE!!!

8) Sweet Rob and I went to try out a new restaurant (pizza place) last night. It was really good!!! Ate way too much pizza and I shouldn't have. Why you ask?? See #6 above.

9) Today feels like Friday to me. It's not.

10) The sun is shining here for like the first time in a week at LEAST. It is nice!

11) I really enjoy Ritz crackers. Probably because they aren't good for you.

12) Can someone fax or email me a diet coke?? I could really go for one right now!!

So tell me, my friends...what are you random thoughts today??? I know ya got 'em =)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Giveaway, Giveaway..and....GIVEAWAY!!!!

I have so many friends who are first time mommies, or are expecting their first bundle of joy. A blog that I follow often can be found on my sidebar as: Fabulous Fun Finds. Wanna talk about giveaways??? This girl can host a giveaway!!! She has given away some of the cutest things ever!!!

This whole week is dedicated to the mommies out there, and I want to make sure and post about all of her giveaways so that you can hop on over and enter!!!!

To make this as easy to follow as possible, I am going to just continue updating this post. Check back to my blog often to see if there are any new giveaways that you need to hop on over and enter, because she is going to be giving away 8-10 things A.DAY.FOR.A.WEEK. Yup. You read that right!!!

Scroll Down To See The Giveaways!!!!

Item #1:

Loveyduds Baby Wrap

In fact, Loveyduds offers baby wraps, nursing covers, burp cloths, blankets and all things baby - in all of the styles you need. Loveyduds even offer baby gift baskets for your next baby shower. And - best of all - if you win this giveaway, Loveyduds will give you a baby wrap of your choice up to $40! CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!!

Item #2

Petunia Pickle Bottom Clutch

Gotta' love this Parisian Pansey Clutch by Petunia Pickle Bottom! An innovative twist on the classic clutch for modern motherhood, this bag has the ease and convenience of a traditional diaper changer in a compact silhouette like no other. As a mother of two children (and one on the way), I agree that this is perfect for trips across town and back! CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!

Item #3

Emmie Kate Jewelery

Emmie Kate is the place to find unique personalized sterling silver jewelry for infants, children, teens and women. At this trendy shop, you’ll find a large selection of sterling silver jewelry and accessories that can be monogrammed, stamped, engraved and customized. From children’s names, favorite phrases and special dates to be remembered, to Planetjill’s unique photo jewelry, gifts and accessories, you’re sure to find something to treasure for years to come! CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!

Item #4

Maclaren Stroller, Rocker, and Carrier Package

This Maclaren Techno Stroller XLR is a roomy, full-featured travel system. And, it coordinates with the baby carrier and rocker! This stroller comes with a Sovereign Lifetime Warranty™ and is part of the Maclaren Recycling Programme†. The Techno Stroller XLR has a 5 point harness for added security, a removable washable seat, compact umbrella fold and water resistant hood. Its high-performance aluminium frame is accessorized by a handy mesh shopping basket and carry strap for easy portability. We're talking about a 5 second one-hand fold with lockable, front swivel wheels!
What about the coordinating Maclaren rocker? Enjoy the lightweight compact fold with carry straps for portability. This rocker easily converts to a stationary chair! Your baby will be in the lap of luxury with the rocker's adjustable seats that recline and vibrate. Or, when baby wants to play, add the removable toy bar and canopy. It has a removable faux suede head hugger and 5 point safety harness, too! CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!

Item #5

Always Inspire Burp Cloth and Bib

This etsy shop is too cute. From Burp and Bib sets to fabric mini wallets to childrens' headbands and more, at Always Inspire you are sure to find the perfect baby shower gift. And aren't these fabrics perfect for the modern mother? Think chic, baby. Chic. CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!

Item #6

My Urban Toddler Packin Smart 5 Tier Giveaway

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Item #7

Baby Showers By Mail 3 Month Supply Giveaway

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Win a three month supply of diapers! You get to choose the brand! Anyone who is purchasing diapers on a weekly basis knows how FABULOUS this giveaway is!! CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!

Item #8

Bibi and Mimi Baby Shoe Giveaway

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Item #9

PaperRamma Mommy Contact Cards

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Item #10

UV Skinz Swim Shirt

UV Skinz is an easy and stylish way to protect your family's skin!
UV Skinz is offering one lucky winner a baby or child size swim shirt of their choice! CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!

Item #11

Diaper Cakes by Becca

This is a perfect gift as it is made with new mom essentials all wrapped up in a pretty presentation. A fabulous way to celebrate baby!
Thanks to Diaper Cakes by Becca, you could win one three tier diaper cake in boy or girl version (that a $110 value!). CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!

Item #12

Zutano $150 Shopping Spree!!

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Item #13

Baby Jakes Poodle Swag Blanket

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Item #14

Olive Janes Cloth Swim Diaper

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Item #15

Dudes and Diamonds Carseat Cover

Dudes and Diamonds offers premier boutique fashions and accessories like My Vintage Baby, Ooh La La Couture, and Haute Baby. Everything you find is handpicked with you in mind from cradle to cribs, gearing up and decorating your little world will be a breeze! The boutique outfits and diaper bags are truly dreamy!! You can go wrong with anything from this shop! CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!

Item #16

Belle Baby Carrier

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Item #17

Uniquely Squeaky Shoes!

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Item #18

Leslee's Bits and Pieces Handbag

Leslee's Bits and Pieces offers a little bit of something for everyone: handbags, totes, jewelry, belts, and this trendy weekender and diaper bags. Leslee knows that not everyone has the same tastes, so variety of styles of products are available to please everyone.
Win the Amy Kathryn Gladiola Magenta Weekender or Diaper Bag. This is one of the hottest vegan bags out there and a perfect giveaway for ladies with and without kids! Note: A matching diaper changing pad is included. CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!

Item #19

Hand Picked Pumpkin Flare Pants

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Saturday, May 9, 2009


...that is all =)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh Is That So???????

(currently while being the studious student that I am, I watch a little 8 month old girl during the day. Her 2 year old brother goes to Montessori School during the day, and I pick him up at 2:45 each day.)

**also, since he is still two, his says his "S" sounds with a tiny lisp I will be telling it that way**

Today's Conversation (and I quote)

Me: "Hey buddy!!! How was your day??"

Age 2: "Good..I like thnack"

Me: "You liked your snack?? What did you have?? Was it crackers??"

Age 2: "No...golfish"

Me: "Ohhhh, GolDfish"

Age 2 "Yeth".

Me: "What did you learn today? Did you go to your Garden and dig??"

Age 2: "We did 'Panish"

Me "Spanish???? That's Great!!! What words did you learn??"

Age 2: "You need thop HOUNDING me!!!!!"

The End.

(he is 2 for pete's sake and apparently I was hounding him!!! Duly noted, my little one.)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Be Back....

...I've got one heck of a week this week. Tests tonight, Tomorrow and Wednesday..big BIG tests.

If you don't mind, a couple of prayers would be really appreciated =)

Be Back Soon