Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random "Facts" of Kindness my head... I'm sure I have enough babbling interesting intelligent things that I could use to write about 8 different posts...but I just feel rather sporadic and random today--and it's my blog, so there =)

1) I love American Idol and I love Adam. I know he loves boys, maybe, but I still have this ridiculous infatuation. When he comes on the screen to sing or shoot, even on my iTunes to sing the world stands still. I block out all dog barks, people around, background noise, husband rambling wealth of knowledge and my eyes are focused on him. Seriously...I don't care if you think all he does is scream, he screams in tune. The guy is simply amazing.

2) I think Kris is very very attractive, and I think his wife is mousy. Mousy or not, she's about to be rich. Hmmph.

3) Danny- well he is good, but I just....I don't know...I don't really get into him much. Wouldn't buy his CD. I would buy Kris's CD and would Sleep with Adam's CD every single night...but I'm not so sure about Danny.

4) I doubt anyone cares what I think about American Idol, but the hamster's on it's wheel today, and wanted to get that out =)

5) School is out for the semester for me. You would think a whole entire post should be dedicated to this, but this last final has me feeling rather down. I don't think I did I'm pouting and anxious. Blah.

6) I am so ready for summer, so ready for a tan but free willy will NOT be seen in a bathing suit at the pool this summer. You can thank me now.

7) Fabulous Fun Finds is in the middle of her amazing Baby Blast Giveaway week, and I LOVE her newest item up for grabs!!

Isn't it precious??? If you want one of these blankets, just hop on over here and ENTER!!

**and don't forget to scroll down and see the rest of the other 19 items up for grabs...HERE!!!

8) Sweet Rob and I went to try out a new restaurant (pizza place) last night. It was really good!!! Ate way too much pizza and I shouldn't have. Why you ask?? See #6 above.

9) Today feels like Friday to me. It's not.

10) The sun is shining here for like the first time in a week at LEAST. It is nice!

11) I really enjoy Ritz crackers. Probably because they aren't good for you.

12) Can someone fax or email me a diet coke?? I could really go for one right now!!

So tell me, my friends...what are you random thoughts today??? I know ya got 'em =)

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Lea Liz said...

Thanks for the post girl on tips for trying baby food and such out!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it!!

I love your blog!!!!