Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gaylord ICE!!!

Rob and I ventured out to the Gaylord on Saturday night for a special date =) We went and saw the Gaylord Ice presentation they have out there. It was incredible. The ice was incredible, and my nose got incredibly COLD!!! It was a lot of fun, but I will say that if we go again, we will pick some day of the week to go! We went at 8:00 PM on a Saturday and the wait was crazy!!!! Not to mention, once you got inside the exhibit, you were again waiting, as you walked through.

It was really really fun, but I'll admit my patience was running thin because of all the waiting....I am still very glad we went! Here are some pictures of us, in the 9 degree temperature, wearing the jackets they provided =)

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Argh. This is annoying. I am tired..but cannot sleep. The schnauzer seemed restless too, so I took both dogs out to potty, thinking that they would come back and go back to sleep as well. No such luck. Here we sit. Me and 2 dogs. Rob....he's sleeping peacefully in the bedroom. Hmmmph. I sure hope I can go back to sleep soon!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Let me Start.. stating that sweet Rob now has aquired the information needed to log onto our blog, and post =) I hope he behaves.....but I can't promise anything!!!!!!


That is all...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Rob is such a sweetie =) He is sooooo very good at surprises, which I AM NOT GOOD AT. Just ask him. In fact, the other day, I was sitting there on the edge of the couch talking about how I had just ordered his birthday present 2 days prior. I got so excited that I opened my computer and said "Here, wanna see what it is???" And I showed him his present, LOL! Then, we had a very good friend in town the other night, staying at our home while he was here on business. Anyway, we were talking ab out SO's presents for Christmas, and then I held up my computer to my face, and whispered behind it, what I was getting Rob for Christmas. Then I put the computer back on my lap and said "Baby, I'm getting you an 18 Volt Drill for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!". See, I'm pitiful. Can't do surprises....can't keep anything from Rob!!!

Well...he is QUITE the opposite!!!

Our engagement was COMPLETELY SHOCKING to me. Every present or gift he has ever given me was completely by surprise! I love it!!!

So today, my sweet fiancee called to tell me that he is going to be flying to North Carolina on Friday for business. "Ok", I thought...nothing different from his normal travel for work. Then he says...and YOU are flying out to N.C on Saturday morning to join me! And...he is taking me to the Dallas Cowboy vs. Panther game on Saturday evening!!!!!!!!!! ANDDDD to top it off???? IT WILL BE MY BIRTHDAY!!!! How fun is that?!?! We have tickets in a SUITE, and I just can't wait to go!!!!! We will return on Sunday, and then head out shortly after that, for our Christmas in Arkansas.

I am just so excited...and he is so very thoughtful, and I am incredibly lucky!!!


Thursday, December 6, 2007

The New Girl

I found the door....and am excitedly (yet nervously) on my way out. I delivered my letter of resignation today, and will be embarking on a new career opportunity on December 17th. Now, please let me also mention how VERY VERY much I dislike being new. I would go as far as to say "hate" being the new person. Hence, I have stayed at Meritage for 2.5 years, and before that I was with Gymboree for 2 years. Granted, I enjoyed my jobs...but I am not the "new" person very often. When my parents moved myself and my sister to Texas when I was in 3rd grade, I thought I was doomed. I made it VERY clear that we were to NEVER move again, because I couldn't stand being the "new girl" in school.
Breathe, Amy.....everyone is new at their job at SOME point. I just hope this company will fill some of their other positions quickly, so that I'm not the "new" g girl anymore =)
However, this company is wonderful and everyone I have met so far is extremely friendly. Good news also, is that the girl who's place I will be taking...will remain in the office through January to train me. Phew. That's a blessing. I can only imagine having to bug 89723948723 different people to learn what I need to be doing.
I will be the Office Coordinator for the Corporate office, of this company. I will sign my offer letter, today, therefore I am refraining from mentioning their name at this point.
Anyway, the benefits with this company are amazing, the growth potential is available, and I will work MUCH better hours.
So--I have that going on right now, in the middle of everything else!
Rob is healing up very very nicely from his Lasik surgery, and I am SO PROUD to say that he can read the 20/15 line on the eye charts!!!!!!! YAHHHOOOO!!!!
I am so happy for you baby! I love you!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sights of Now....and Forever

Ok...I hope this made you laugh :) I suuuuure did get a kick out of it!!! But it all really is for a good cause.

Rob received his very early wedding gift on Friday. Rob has been wearing contacts and/or glasses since he was 12 years old. I can't begin to understand how annoying glasses and contacts are, as I have never had to wear them. I do know, however, that before Rob does ANYTHING each morning, he has to "put drops in his contacts"...before he can even open his eyes in the morning and talk to me, he has to run and "put drops in his eyes." I feel for him. I know it's can't be fun. And if it's not having to put drops in his eyes, he has something in his contact, or his eyes are bothering him, or his contacts needs to be fixed or changed, etc..etc...

So- for Rob's wedding gift, I got him IntraLasik Surgery. On Friday, Rob went to Dr.Boothe's office and had lasik eye surgery. On our wedding day, and for the rest of our lives together, I want Rob to see us and our family with the eyes God gave him. I want him to see me for all that I am, and to see our children and our future as clearly as possible, without the aide of glasses or contacts.

I want him to experience our wedding emotionally for all that it is, but I want him to be able to see it for all that it is as well.

I never want him to have to put drops in his eyes again, or change contacts, or have his eyes be dry, or have to wear glasses.

So- Rob went and had his surgery on Friday. He is doing very very very well. I gave this to him early, so he will be completely healed up by the time our wedding and the pre-events come around.

Rob, I love you so much-and I hope that having your sight returned to you- is all that you "envisioned" it to be ;)