Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lil of This...Lil of That

It's been a while since I have posted any amusing stories from my place of work, so I figured I would jot down some things that have happened to me recently at work.

{And trust me, you can't make this stuff up. I chat with Hubby over MSN while we are working and he hears these stories}

~ One of my claimants** called me a heffer and asked to speak to my supervisor

~ One of my claimants name was "Dorothy Fharter".....even insured who hit her was named Eura Hogg.

~The statement above gets worse even more. Eura Hogg has a sibling who also has insurance with us. Their name????? Eura Hogg, Jr. {or, Eura Hogg II}

~ One of my claimants** the other day asked me if I could fax him his check for repairs. Not lying...not one bit. He asked me to fax his check to him.

~ The above statement, once again, gets worse. I said to him, "No Sir, I can't fax the check to you..and I can't send it to you via your iPhone because there isn't an App for That". {I'm not sure he understood the wit}

~ One of my insured's had their claim denied because the person driving their vehicle at the time of the accident was excluded from the policy {read- NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE THE CAR}. My insured stated "Well if dazz whatchu gunna dooze, then I wonts my moneys back. I wants a refund." (yes because that's how insurance works. when something gets denied, you get a refund)

~ I worked a claim today where one of my insured's name was: "Christmas Eve Morgan". I kid you not. And would you guess her birthday?? 12-24-84. I wonder how long it took her parents to come up with her name.

~ Worked a claim where my insured** had their window busted out in their car and something stolen from inside their vehicle. In auto insurance, the damage to your vehicle would be covered and anything permanently installed in the vehicle {radios, tv's etc} would be covered. Anything stolen from the vehicle which is not installed would be covered by your homeowners insurance- if you filed with them. Anyway, I was discussing with my insured the damage, and if she knew who might have done this, and she stated to me "Well, izz someone who huuungry, cuz allz they stole was a box of pop-tarts...das it, dawg. Izz all over a box of cherry pop tarts." {I went ahead and decided to pry a little further and asked if it was a box of 6 pop tarts or was a big box, fyi} HA!

**The demographics that my company sells to are..hmmm...different. We sell minimum limits insurance...meaning it's the cheapest insurance you can carry and still meet the state requirements...So I will leave that tidbit of information with ya, so you can better understand why/how I seem to handle claims with the people listed above

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Official....

...approximately 9 minutes 9:33 PM...I turned 27.

I have decided I will turn 27 AGAIN, 364 days from today.

And will turn 27 for the 3rd time in December of 2011.

I don't know why but today, tonight...this turning of 27 has been a little tough. Do I think I'm OLD?? No. Do I think it's really hitting me that I am truly a grown up adult, and my childhood years have come to somewhat of a close? Yes, I do. I will always be young at heart, and again I don't think I'm old...but today, entering my late 20's is just harder to swallow.

I am blessed to be alive, be healthy, have a wonderful family, a loving husband...2 precious doggies, and the list goes on...

So while it was hard to swallow (maybe because my swallower has been functioning now for 27 years and needs a pick-me-up)...I'm raising a glass to another year, Y'ALL !!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Bird Named Chet

A man walks in to a pet store and says to the Clerk: "My girlfriend really loves animals, do you know a good Christmas present?"

The clerk says: "Sure, how about this bird? His name is Chet. Chet sings Christmas songs"

The man looks at Chet and says: "How do I make Chet sing?"

The clerk says light a match and put it under his right or left foot"

The man tries it. When he put it under the left foot Chet sang Jingle Bells, under the right he sang White Christmas. So the man buys it and goes home.

On Christmas day the man's girlfriend gets her present, Chet the bird. The man shows her how Chet can sing.

Then she asked:"What happens if you put the match in between Chet's legs?"

The man says: "I don't know, let's see"

So they put a match between his legs. Then Chet started singing:

"Chet's nuts roasting on an open fire....."

{so glad I was able to google and find this joke again, lol. It's one of my silly favorites}

Friday, December 18, 2009

Go Spencer...It's Your Birthday...

28 years ago 9:44...a baby was born.......

A baby who was loved from the second his parents knew he was to be born...

A baby who would once look like this after eating cake...

And would look like this after school...

A baby who would treasure his mother...

And a boy who would be a tough little brother...

A little one who would one day trade these wheels...

for something a little bigger and better...

And a teen who would relax on the couch one day like this...

And a few years later like this...

A man who would one day have a wife who would look at him like this...

And would grow to be as handsome as they come...

28 years ago today a babe was born who I would get to spend the rest of my life with...

28 years ago my sweet husband was born and for that I am grateful. For that, we celebrate today my sweet, sweet husband. May your 28th year bring more joy and happiness than you can fathom. May you know today and everyday, just how very much your are loved.

Happy Birthday, My Husband.

I love you.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'd rather be sick for days...

I'd rather be sick for days than let one of THESE horrid things dissolve in my mouth again!!

In fact, I'm pretty sure I understand their marketing technique....

"make people buy these with a thought in their ignorant head that they will surely feel better after sucking on one, and their cold will magically disappear in 3-4 days (or 42%...42% really??? Forty Two Percent quicker???? I'd love to see the statistical analysis on that...I'm just sayin'). {Insert- FAIL,}. When really, when they put one of these Zinc infested Glycerine something or others into their beak and suck on it for a while they will soon realize they would rather yack than continue to let the stupid thing melt- thus leading the poor ignorant fool to realize that their poor little cold could be something far worse. It could be the could be COULD BE throwing up because of the darn "miracle cure" lozenge.- which all lead to the fact that maybe, just maybe your cold isn't so bad after all...and therefore you let it run it's course."

I seriously CANNOT believe I lasted all of 6 minutes with the nasty piece of SOMETHING dissolving in my mouth. I WANTED to find the Zicam Nose Swabs that I used a year or so to end my cold, but apparently they determined that those swabs can lead to poor innocent souls losing their sense of smell. Who knew. But you know what???? I'm pretty sure I'd rather take the chance of possibly losing my sense of smell over ensuring the singeing of my taste buds. Poor things. I think they need some Diet Coke to come back to life.

Lesson: Don't buy that crap. Just take some Tylenol, complain to your husband how bad you feel and shove some toilet paper up your nose to catch the constant post nasal drip.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Click Me..No, REALLY...CLICK ME!!!

Seriously?? I didn't even know it was possible for such a F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S Blog Designer to exist.

Seriously...she had her work cut out for her big time between my Thesis of an Original Email sent to her after I initially won, and my additional "chapters" added each time I emailed her from then on.

Seriously...Hollie from The Drama Mama has serious talent. She is an absolute JEWEL to work with, and spends hours and hours designing and tweaking a blog design just.for. -->YOU<-- !!!! Seriously- Check out some of her other designs here!! I promise will NOT be disappointed!!!!

Seriously in Major Love with the new design!!!!

Seriously random...but Hollie just got the CUTEST new dog from the SPCA...check her out!!

{photo courtesy of The Drama Mama}

Seriously...I have a problem with "ellipses", no....seriously.....

Care to know the why's of the name change and the design??? Well stop reading here if ya don't care to know because here we seriously go....{don't get too excited, it's not THAT breathtaking}


You see...while I loved our wedding, and it was a life changing day, an incredible day and a day filled with love-- it isn't what the rest of my life is about (kinda sorta what "From this day Forward" referenced). I mean, I still have to finalize our wedding album for print, still need to put the scrapbook pages of our guest book together, and still have about 3 returns to make of some wedding gifts that we decided we might should exchange for something clearly it's not a #1 priority anymore. About 2 weeks after we returned from our honeymoon life's curveballs started comin'. One after another, after another after another. It was storm after storm after storm. And as I referenced in this post we were amidst a series of storms and felt the treacherous rains beating down upon us as we pressed on trying to see the sun ahead. While we new many of our situations were temporary- they were still the storms we were seeking protection from at the time. When the rain stopped for a moment, and the clouds parted- we were able to take a moment and look just slightly over our shoulders to see where we had come from. It's quite a sight. Mountain after mountain...rocky road after rocky road. And you know what??? Is the road a sunshiny smooth blacktop road ahead of us??? Absolutely not. I can't tell you what storms are brewing ahead, or what curveball is coming across our plate soon- but what I can tell you is that while you are walking this journey of life- you have got to learn to dance in the rain. You have got to grab onto the people in your life who mean the most and press onward. You have got to let go of the baggage and material things that truly don't do much other than burden you- and hold tight to the ones you love and the ones that love you. It doesn't take much to happen sometimes- to see what really matters. It can be an unexpected layoff, an illness of a family member, the passing of a friend or the birth of a child. It can be a multitude of things that bring life into focus. As I look back on the very beginning of our journey as one I can tell you that we were and are truly blessed. He was watching over us the entire time and just whispering to "follow Me, follow Me". We were provided for when we didn't know how to make ends meet. We were told we were loved and cared for when we felt alone. We were lifted up and carried when we didn't feel we could take one more step.

So as we continue on this road...I can tell you that while we walk this road it may feel like gravel, or dirt, blacktop or asphalt- but when we glance back to see the view behind us- it will truly be our Brick Road of Blessings.

I encourage you to follow along on my blog. It won't always be pretty..won't always be silly or funny- or sad or may not be right up your alley - but it will be feelings of a woman, a wife, a fun loving talkative girl who is simply trying to take life all in.

So whether this is your first time reading or you've read this blog for a while- make yourself at home-- and let's get this show on the road =)