Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'd rather be sick for days...

I'd rather be sick for days than let one of THESE horrid things dissolve in my mouth again!!

In fact, I'm pretty sure I understand their marketing technique....

"make people buy these with a thought in their ignorant head that they will surely feel better after sucking on one, and their cold will magically disappear in 3-4 days (or 42%...42% really??? Forty Two Percent quicker???? I'd love to see the statistical analysis on that...I'm just sayin'). {Insert- FAIL,}. When really, when they put one of these Zinc infested Glycerine something or others into their beak and suck on it for a while they will soon realize they would rather yack than continue to let the stupid thing melt- thus leading the poor ignorant fool to realize that their poor little cold could be something far worse. It could be the flu...it could be strep...it COULD BE throwing up because of the darn "miracle cure" lozenge.- which all lead to the fact that maybe, just maybe your cold isn't so bad after all...and therefore you let it run it's course."

I seriously CANNOT believe I lasted all of 6 minutes with the nasty piece of SOMETHING dissolving in my mouth. I WANTED to find the Zicam Nose Swabs that I used a year or so to end my cold, but apparently they determined that those swabs can lead to poor innocent souls losing their sense of smell. Who knew. But you know what???? I'm pretty sure I'd rather take the chance of possibly losing my sense of smell over ensuring the singeing of my taste buds. Poor things. I think they need some Diet Coke to come back to life.

Lesson: Don't buy that crap. Just take some Tylenol, complain to your husband how bad you feel and shove some toilet paper up your nose to catch the constant post nasal drip.

2 talker(s):

The Neaves' said...

love the new look!!

Hope you feel better soon!

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