Monday, December 21, 2009

A Bird Named Chet

A man walks in to a pet store and says to the Clerk: "My girlfriend really loves animals, do you know a good Christmas present?"

The clerk says: "Sure, how about this bird? His name is Chet. Chet sings Christmas songs"

The man looks at Chet and says: "How do I make Chet sing?"

The clerk says light a match and put it under his right or left foot"

The man tries it. When he put it under the left foot Chet sang Jingle Bells, under the right he sang White Christmas. So the man buys it and goes home.

On Christmas day the man's girlfriend gets her present, Chet the bird. The man shows her how Chet can sing.

Then she asked:"What happens if you put the match in between Chet's legs?"

The man says: "I don't know, let's see"

So they put a match between his legs. Then Chet started singing:

"Chet's nuts roasting on an open fire....."

{so glad I was able to google and find this joke again, lol. It's one of my silly favorites}

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His Doorkeeper said...

Amy, Happy Birthday tomorrow! It's kind of tough having a birthday so close to Christmas, isn't it?
Have a great day!!

Kelly's Korner's Mom