Thursday, November 19, 2009

Look what I WON!!!!!!

{let me set the mood.....i am sitting in my chair working silently to myself..chatting with my husband on's pretty early in the day so far so people are still waiting for their coffee to kick in and the toothpaste taste in their mouth to wear off...I go to check my personal email, and I see that someone left a comment on my last post....and it reads.....}

"I stopped by to leave you a comment about something totally unrelated and I was touched by your post. I have SO been there, girl! Good for you for realizing it and making is so easy to get sucked into spending way too much time on the computer when you could be doing other things that are way more productive.

Anyhoo, I really stopped by to make sure you saw THIS- YAY!!! Email me when you can!! HUGS!!"

Well.....I KNOWWWWW you want to know what "this" means referenced above, dontcha?!?! dontcha??!? dontcha?!?

Can you just IMAGINE the squeal that pierced the ears of my co-workers at 9:00 this morning when I clicked the link and found out that I won...



Y'all...I seriously squealed with delight and immediately emailed Hollie this long (I mean R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S.L.Y LONG) email about my life, my history, my blog, my blogs history and how I knew so and so from so and so's so and so blog. (no worries, she did reply to my email so I didn't scare her away!!!)

ANYWAY- I thought it was so perfect since I am coming back to blogging, and do hope that my posts will continue to peak the interest of my current readers and potentially draw more in!!!!

So...yall stay tuned...we are officially UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I think I'm ready....

I think I'm just about ready to head back into the blog-o-sphere. As I mentioned a few posts back- it was time to step back, take a look at my life, myself, my marriage, my career, where I've been and where I want to go. I had totally lost grip. I let things that didn't truly matter grip me. I suppose I was worshiping false idols? Wow...what a realization. I was typing the sentence above that reads "let things that don't truly matter grip me" and it just clicked that I think I was worshiping false idols. Interesting. So that's what it feels like. That's what it can do to you. That's what can happen to your life when you let other "things" of the world become your focus.

The internet was consuming my life. Hours upon hours when I got home I would peruse the internet. Not looking up anything specific..just looking. Reading. Concentrating. Concentrating on the lit up screen of my Mac Book instead of concentrating on my marriage. Instead of concentrating on my family, or my friends or my life. I was to busy nosing into the lives of others.

I've taken some time away from the computer, and it's funny how much I don't miss 95% of it. The 5% I do miss is blogging here. I miss getting to post about this or that...complain or praise. Happy or sad, Good or bad...I miss using this as a sort of outlet.

I can still choose which parts of my life that I want to be public...I can still choose what I want people to know. I can type about a situation or keep it private. It's my choice.

But I do love to help others. I love to impact others. I love to see others smile.

I can't help but wonder if my blog is helping someone. What if the things I say or the emotions I convey are exactly what someone else is feeling, or exactly what someone needs to hear. Because I have been on the receiving end of those words and emotions many times, I know how it feels. I know how uplifting it can be. The revelation it can reveal.

So...I'm back. Back to blogging here that is. I will not return to the hours I spent on the computer before, because frankly life has WAY too much to offer. WAY more than "cyberspace". I will read words of other blogs of the people that I have grown to love and appreciate- and I will share my thoughts with others here in hopes that it touches them. That it reaches people that I would never reach if it weren't for this blog.

My writing isn't really eloquent. It isn't fancy. Shoot- it may not even be grammatically correct (did I even spell "grammatically" right???HA!) but my writing is real. It's's just ME.


My sweet husband begins his new job tomorrow. Finally after being unemployed for 8 months and 10 days due to his past companies layoff- he will now be back in the corporate world again. Oh how much I hope he loves his job. I hope it's more than he can even imagine. I hope he loves the people he works with as much as I know they will love him. What an amazing talent they are gaining. Such knowledge, reasoning, intelligence...I could go on.

I am just so happy and proud for him. I hope he has an amazing first day back at work, and good grief- I will be thinking about him all day long :)


Alright...well I have a little cleaning left to do on this Sunday...and tonight's menu includes some BBQ Beef Brisket that needs to cook for about 3 I'm off to get a jump start on it all :)

I hope all of my sweet readers, who may still be out there, are doing well...and I hope we will be back to chatting soon :)