Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wake Up Call

So because our wedding guests were so gracious and kind to get us gifts and the like for our wedding, Rob and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond this weekend, to take advantage of some of our gift cards! Rob is more of the coffee drinker in our house, seeing as I have to add about 1 cup of creamer to every 1/2 cup of coffee and 5 splenda packets, it's really not coffee by the time I get done with it! I digress. At any rate, he is the coffee drinker, thus it was up to him to pick out a coffeemaker that he would enjoy. Rob is heavy into research (always does his research before buying things...) so he has spent some time trying to decide the best way to go. He had it narrowed down to 2 types, and once we got there- we made our decision after weighing the pros and cons of the 2 coffemakers. So now I present to you the newest addition to the family:

Ahhhh- it's no nice. I highly, highly recommend this fine machine. Breakfast blend coffee, Chai Tea Lattes, Cappuccino's, Green Tea, Macchiato's, Hot Chocolate...it does it all! It allows for 3 cup sizes..filtered water, and each person can pick their preference! We also purchased this cute lil carousel that we have in the cabinet above this fine coffeemaker- which houses all of our different selections so they are readily available.

When Rob and I purchased the machine, I kept telling him to pick whichever one "HEEEE" wanted, because I wasn't the coffee drinker! We had have this sweet addition since Sunday--and I have 3 coffee cups in the dishwasher. 2 which held Chai Tea Lattes, and One from hot chocolate =)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

To My Husband

....my Hamster IS on its wheel...*sticks out tongue*

Hamster Wheel 3D Pictures, Images and Photos

Pro Pics

Ahhh, finally =)


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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mr & Mrs Rob and Amy Spencer

We did it!!!!! We said our "I do's", exchanged rings, danced the night away in love, shared with family friends, and honeymooned a honeymoon perfect for lovers, and we are now back to the life of newlyweds and reality! The dogs are fighting over a toy, the house is messy, 2 LARGE suitcases of sandy clothes await my attention, and my hubby is at the gym. However I wanted to pop on real quick and leave a short update--just to last a couple of days until I can gather more pictures and thoughts to blog about our day, and our honeymoon. Everything was gorgeous and perfect.

To my husband- I am the very happiest girl in the world, and you- my love have made all of my dreams come true. I am truly blessed.

Your Wife

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bryson???? Bryson who????

Well....we have made it. Somehow, someway...we have made it. It's now our wedding weekend. It's about 7:30 on Thursday morning, and I have already been awake for 2 hours. Hmmmm, as I laid down about 11:00 last night to try and get to sleep, I thought to myself...sleep as late as you can tomorrow..so you can be rested for the weekend. Hmm, so at 5:30 this morning my sweet, precious, ADORABLE fiance wakes me up saying "Babe, my dad will be here in an hour and he needs to have the diagram made up for where everyone is going to sit at the Rehearsal Dinner." Hmmm, I digress =) I got up and got going.

Rob and his dad just left for breakfast and then Rob, his dad, my dad and one of my dad's friends are off to play golf this morning, and I will continue wedding preparations =) I'm picking up my dress today at 1:00, and then we are planning on trying to get everyone together for dinner this evening- so we shall see!!!!

Things begin bright and early tomorrow morning...and won't stop until very very early on Saturday/Sunday morning =) Then we are off to Mexico. Ahhhh, sweet release.

Thank you all for your thoughts and encouragement and support through our entire relationship, especially over the last few months. It means so much to us.

We cannot wait to be husband and wife...from this day forward.

Monday, October 6, 2008

"Not Married Monday"

This is it....that last ever "I'm Not Married Monday"....

Saturday = our wedding

Sunday = Viva la Mexico!!!!

Peace.Relaxation.No Schedule. No Decision.Drinks.Sun.Sand.Beaches.HUSBAND.

Friday, October 3, 2008


I was talking to my florist a minute ago, giving her final counts for everything...and she said to me "I hope you enjoy your verrrrry last weekend being a single woman, and having the last name of Bryson". HOW FUN IS THAT?!?!?! So awesome. But I must go now...because I am tearing up =)

As Time Goes By.....

7 Days.

178 Hours

10,680 Minutes

640,800 Seconds.

Yet it feels an eternity away.

Rob and I will be married. WOW.

Let the craziness of this coming weekend and week begin....and I will spend my last few days as Amy Elizabeth Bryson =)