Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bryson???? Bryson who????

Well....we have made it. Somehow, someway...we have made it. It's now our wedding weekend. It's about 7:30 on Thursday morning, and I have already been awake for 2 hours. Hmmmm, as I laid down about 11:00 last night to try and get to sleep, I thought to myself...sleep as late as you can you can be rested for the weekend. Hmm, so at 5:30 this morning my sweet, precious, ADORABLE fiance wakes me up saying "Babe, my dad will be here in an hour and he needs to have the diagram made up for where everyone is going to sit at the Rehearsal Dinner." Hmmm, I digress =) I got up and got going.

Rob and his dad just left for breakfast and then Rob, his dad, my dad and one of my dad's friends are off to play golf this morning, and I will continue wedding preparations =) I'm picking up my dress today at 1:00, and then we are planning on trying to get everyone together for dinner this evening- so we shall see!!!!

Things begin bright and early tomorrow morning...and won't stop until very very early on Saturday/Sunday morning =) Then we are off to Mexico. Ahhhh, sweet release.

Thank you all for your thoughts and encouragement and support through our entire relationship, especially over the last few months. It means so much to us.

We cannot wait to be husband and wife...from this day forward.

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Trisha said...

I'm SOOOOOOOO very excited for you! I can't wait to hear all about it. And I DEFINITELY can not WAIT to see pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEEEEEEASE post one teaser picture before you leave for Mexico? haha (Keep dreamin' Trish!!)

No really, does your photographer have a website/keep up with a blog? If so, post the link so that we can stalk the blog while you're in Mexico! ;) =D

amy said...

AMY! i meant to send you happy wedding wishes last week and every time i went to do it, someone got hurt, or someone pushed someone, or someone needed to peepee! SO.. its a bit late but CONGRATS! now i wannna see PICTURES!