Friday, December 7, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Rob is such a sweetie =) He is sooooo very good at surprises, which I AM NOT GOOD AT. Just ask him. In fact, the other day, I was sitting there on the edge of the couch talking about how I had just ordered his birthday present 2 days prior. I got so excited that I opened my computer and said "Here, wanna see what it is???" And I showed him his present, LOL! Then, we had a very good friend in town the other night, staying at our home while he was here on business. Anyway, we were talking ab out SO's presents for Christmas, and then I held up my computer to my face, and whispered behind it, what I was getting Rob for Christmas. Then I put the computer back on my lap and said "Baby, I'm getting you an 18 Volt Drill for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!". See, I'm pitiful. Can't do surprises....can't keep anything from Rob!!!

Well...he is QUITE the opposite!!!

Our engagement was COMPLETELY SHOCKING to me. Every present or gift he has ever given me was completely by surprise! I love it!!!

So today, my sweet fiancee called to tell me that he is going to be flying to North Carolina on Friday for business. "Ok", I thought...nothing different from his normal travel for work. Then he says...and YOU are flying out to N.C on Saturday morning to join me! And...he is taking me to the Dallas Cowboy vs. Panther game on Saturday evening!!!!!!!!!! ANDDDD to top it off???? IT WILL BE MY BIRTHDAY!!!! How fun is that?!?! We have tickets in a SUITE, and I just can't wait to go!!!!! We will return on Sunday, and then head out shortly after that, for our Christmas in Arkansas.

I am just so excited...and he is so very thoughtful, and I am incredibly lucky!!!


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Ricardo and Lauren said...

How fun! What a great way to spend your birthday!!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday girl! :o)

Elizabeth said...

I thought about you today while watching the game!
How did he get a suite???
You BETTER post pictures as soon as you get back!