Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sights of Now....and Forever

Ok...I hope this made you laugh :) I suuuuure did get a kick out of it!!! But it all really is for a good cause.

Rob received his very early wedding gift on Friday. Rob has been wearing contacts and/or glasses since he was 12 years old. I can't begin to understand how annoying glasses and contacts are, as I have never had to wear them. I do know, however, that before Rob does ANYTHING each morning, he has to "put drops in his contacts"...before he can even open his eyes in the morning and talk to me, he has to run and "put drops in his eyes." I feel for him. I know it's can't be fun. And if it's not having to put drops in his eyes, he has something in his contact, or his eyes are bothering him, or his contacts needs to be fixed or changed, etc..etc...

So- for Rob's wedding gift, I got him IntraLasik Surgery. On Friday, Rob went to Dr.Boothe's office and had lasik eye surgery. On our wedding day, and for the rest of our lives together, I want Rob to see us and our family with the eyes God gave him. I want him to see me for all that I am, and to see our children and our future as clearly as possible, without the aide of glasses or contacts.

I want him to experience our wedding emotionally for all that it is, but I want him to be able to see it for all that it is as well.

I never want him to have to put drops in his eyes again, or change contacts, or have his eyes be dry, or have to wear glasses.

So- Rob went and had his surgery on Friday. He is doing very very very well. I gave this to him early, so he will be completely healed up by the time our wedding and the pre-events come around.

Rob, I love you so much-and I hope that having your sight returned to you- is all that you "envisioned" it to be ;)

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Sweetbabefive said...

Poor guy for now.. he does look a little funny but..

You are so sweet to put so much thought into a gift he can cherish for the REST of his life...

Kate said...

Hahaha those pictures really made me laugh!!