Thursday, December 6, 2007

The New Girl

I found the door....and am excitedly (yet nervously) on my way out. I delivered my letter of resignation today, and will be embarking on a new career opportunity on December 17th. Now, please let me also mention how VERY VERY much I dislike being new. I would go as far as to say "hate" being the new person. Hence, I have stayed at Meritage for 2.5 years, and before that I was with Gymboree for 2 years. Granted, I enjoyed my jobs...but I am not the "new" person very often. When my parents moved myself and my sister to Texas when I was in 3rd grade, I thought I was doomed. I made it VERY clear that we were to NEVER move again, because I couldn't stand being the "new girl" in school.
Breathe, Amy.....everyone is new at their job at SOME point. I just hope this company will fill some of their other positions quickly, so that I'm not the "new" g girl anymore =)
However, this company is wonderful and everyone I have met so far is extremely friendly. Good news also, is that the girl who's place I will be taking...will remain in the office through January to train me. Phew. That's a blessing. I can only imagine having to bug 89723948723 different people to learn what I need to be doing.
I will be the Office Coordinator for the Corporate office, of this company. I will sign my offer letter, today, therefore I am refraining from mentioning their name at this point.
Anyway, the benefits with this company are amazing, the growth potential is available, and I will work MUCH better hours.
So--I have that going on right now, in the middle of everything else!
Rob is healing up very very nicely from his Lasik surgery, and I am SO PROUD to say that he can read the 20/15 line on the eye charts!!!!!!! YAHHHOOOO!!!!
I am so happy for you baby! I love you!!!!

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