Saturday, November 24, 2007

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree.....

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The tree is up!!!! (click to view larger) Granted, it is lacking a FEWWWWW decorations, but it is up. You see, I have a hang up with Christmas Trees. I don't want to just go "buy random ornaments" to fill the space, and have the tree full of meaningless "Good Deal" ornaments. So, for a few years, it will remain more on the "bare" side of things. But, Rob and I (as well as our future little ones) will collect ornaments, so that the tree is sentimental. I really can imagine in years to come (many years down the road)- putting up the tree with our children, and each ornament telling a story. Anyway, for now, there are some sentimental ornaments on the tree- and for this year, I plan on purchasing some really large glass balls, and some bows with long ribbons, to stream down the tree. But, I got the tree up last night, and strung no less that 1,000 lights on the tree. (I'm not even kidding with the 1,000 lights!).

It is so beautiful. I love to sit on my loveseat, with the fireplace going, the football game on the TV, and my Christmas Tree shining bright. This is just the best time of the year!!

We managed to pull off the Family Thanksgiving!!! We had everyone over to our house this year! (Yes, I am crazy). But, it just seemed fitting. We had our new house, and I wanted everyone to be able to keep their houses clean and free of entertaining, so everyone came over here. It was really, really nice.

This week I am continuing with my interviews and job hunt. I am hopeful that I am going to be blessed with an opportunity and a job that I will be happy at- and will provide me wih a little better working hours and environment.

What else do I know....OH! Our wedding is October 11th, in case anyone forgot...and we are having our engagement pictures done on March 30th. We are having them taken at the Dallas Arboretum to start...and then we are having the 2nd half of the shoot done in Downtown Dallas. We are taking the bikes down there, and having some shots done with the bikes. Our photographer is also going to be taking some "mobile" shots on the we'll have some shots of us riding in action!!! I absolutely love our photographer!!! I can't wait!

Oh yeah---- my dress ships on January 25th!!!!!!!!!!!! About 2 months from NOW!!!! I am just so so so so excited. But that also means I REALLLLY gotta get serious with the weight loss, LOL.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! This cold weather just made it all the better! I love it!

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

Aww I love your tree!!

Sweetbabefive said...

I love the christmas tree! I totally agree with meaningful decorations!!

Shannon said...

Cute tree, love Sadie & Boo underneath.

See, all you need is a cute little baby to match them. ;o)