Saturday, November 3, 2007

Shhhh be vewwwy, vewwwy quiet!!!

So this weekend, I'm just not sure quite what to with myself. You see, Rob has ventured down towards the Waco area with one of his groomsmen to meet up with another one his groomsmen, for some kind of "hunting" adventure. I, however, think it's a good excuse for them to enjoy some beer...but ya know, whatever!! I know he will have a great time. Dillon and Liz (Groomsmen & Bridesmaid) have a beautiiifuul cabin outside of Waco on quite a bit of land. We went down there, about a year ago and spent the weekend. It was wonderful. Anyway, Dillon asked if Rob and JP wanted to go down there for the weekend to hunt some kind of animal, so they did! He was kind enough to leave me here with this messy house I need to clean, along with 2 very antsy critters.
Honestly, I don't have any wedding planning appointments or errands I need to run this weekend, so I think I am going to enjoy my weekend to myself. Jaccuzi baths with wine, cleaning house while drinking wine, hanging out with my wine....ya know...the norm :) I do think I will run by our wedding venue today, to meet with my coordinator to ask her a couple of questions. While mom and I met with our florist last night, it triggered a couple of questions that I need to get answers too :)
Last night, mom and I met with Rhonda at North Texas Floral. We had met with her once before about 2 weeks ago, and just fell in love with her!!! I cannot WAIT to see all of the flowers at this wedding. It is going ot be incredible!!! Anyway, mom and I needed to meet with her last night to go over the quote she sent us, and make any small changes. She informed me that she loves to meet at the store after hours, so that she can drink WINE =) My kinda woman!!! So anyway, mom and I met her at 6:30, and found that we left there at 9:45!!!! Eeek. Oops. Oh well. Rhonda was in no hurry, Rob was out of town, my dad is in Denver reffing some Big XII football game, so we just sat around and laughed and planned the wedding. It was a wonderful time.
So mom and I left there at 9:45 on stomachs full of wine and no food (oops-hehehe) so we decided we needed to grab some dinner. We went to Fireside Pies, since we were already over at the Shops at Legacy. I love love love love Fireside Pies! Yum. So mom and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner and I made it home around 11:00. Let the dogs out, and climbed into bed!
Piddled around this morning, and again, don't have too many plans--BUT I better enjoy these weekends of "nothing to do" before ALL of them become packed with Holiday Shopping, Wedding Planning, and appointments!!! I swear, right now this wedding seems forever far away, but it will creep up on us before you know it!
So next in line, I will need to contact Ms Carole talk about our CAKES!!!! YAHHHOOO!!! I'm sure Rob will perk up when I mention it's time to talk about "food" for the wedding, LOL.
I keep typing thinking this house will clean itself, but I'm afraid I am setting myself up for disappointment! I suppose I will heat up the leftover pizza from last night, and break out a brook =)

Random- I love my ring. Rob did perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect..and did it ALL himself. We never even LOOKED at rings. Nothing. He designed this whole ring, and picked out each and every diamond. I LOVE YOU ROB!!!

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