Monday, October 29, 2007

My Monday Nights

So tonight I got home from work, and Rob and Beudreaux and I went for a run/walk. I am having to build up some major endurance for right now it's a slow process for this whole "running" thing. However, I tried. I nearly saw the pearly gates of Heaven while experiencing what must have been hell on earth, but I tried =) Anyway, we came back home and I fixed dinner. After cleaning up, it's time to relax =)

Sadie and Beudreaux fight over tennis balls, and tennis ball material-like toys...among some other squeaker toys and such. Rob enjoys relaxing on the couch perpindicular to the loveseat I veg on, and I sit and smile and admire my crazy, hectic, almost magic, wonderful, beautiful life.

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

Great job Amy! I get tired just thinking about running. It's hard for me, but I try too! Keep on going!:-)