Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh Is That So???????

(currently while being the studious student that I am, I watch a little 8 month old girl during the day. Her 2 year old brother goes to Montessori School during the day, and I pick him up at 2:45 each day.)

**also, since he is still two, his says his "S" sounds with a tiny lisp I will be telling it that way**

Today's Conversation (and I quote)

Me: "Hey buddy!!! How was your day??"

Age 2: "Good..I like thnack"

Me: "You liked your snack?? What did you have?? Was it crackers??"

Age 2: "No...golfish"

Me: "Ohhhh, GolDfish"

Age 2 "Yeth".

Me: "What did you learn today? Did you go to your Garden and dig??"

Age 2: "We did 'Panish"

Me "Spanish???? That's Great!!! What words did you learn??"

Age 2: "You need thop HOUNDING me!!!!!"

The End.

(he is 2 for pete's sake and apparently I was hounding him!!! Duly noted, my little one.)

6 talker(s):

Foster Mama said...

That is so cute and funny.... I would have LMAO.

Lovin a Farm Boy said...

LOL kids are so funny! Sounds like quite a character.

Kelly said...

bahaha i love kids that know adult phrases :-D

Cally D said...

awesome. what a goof

Denisa said...

I saw you talked about this the other day but I didn't see the full conversation till now, that is soooo funny!!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! They say the funniest things sometimes!