Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can he do it?? ....Yes he can!!- and on a random note..

Sweet Sweet goodness. I hope Adam wins tonight. Now let me say, I completely understand about the American Idol contract restrictions, 90 Day Waiting period for any outside contract negotiations, he might be better off not winning blah blah blah talk-- but when it comes to the competition part... I hope he wins. I think Kris is a doll, and I think we might not see his mousy wife around for long (sorry folks) BUT I think Adam is far more talented and a far better singer. Can he be over the top and over dramatic at times?? Of course, but then again--so can I =) HA! So at any rate- as far as the winner/loser concept of Idol, I hope Adam wins.

And I think Kara Dioguardi is gorgeous, and I think she is a great singer- but that song last night was HORRID. I don't recall hardly any of the "Debut Single" songs written by producers/co-writers, that I have really drooled over, but all of the judges, EVEN KARA, said that the song wasn't great for either of them. HELLO, if you have said all along that so and so would be seen in the finale, how about you at least try and write a song that is a little better than that! I guess the positive of that wretched song is that neither of them sang it well, so it cancels each others performance out, right?

Hmmm...gonna be a nail biter of a 2 hour finale. And I was actually very glad that Ryan let us know that it was going to run over, so that I knew to DVR the next show as well, so it doesn't shut off like LAST YEAR when he gets to the line "And the WINNER...of American Idol Season 9 (or whatever it is) is _______________ {cue DVR Do You Want To Delete Now} pop up. I nearly keeled over last year and passed out. We will have none of that.

So anyway- Yes Adam, I love you and I think you are fantastic and talented and a very genuinely kind person. Even if you like boys. Or whatever.


So I won a giveaway that I blogged about here, a few weeks ago.

I received my tote in the mail, and it's totally adorable and I wag it around everywhere. Seriously. Match or not- it is sported hanging off my right shoulder. Love it.

I flip flop around in my flops any time the opportunity presents itself. I seriously LOVE flip flops, on pedicured toes of course.

And just the other day, I received my sign in the mail!!! I had contacted Susie from My Flip Flopz and decided on paint colors/design and I had known what I wanted the sign to say all along :) So below is a picture of the ADORABLE sign she painted for me, and I have hung it VERY proudly right by the front door, as I deemed that appropriate. You will see some sticks on the right hand side of the picture, and a tiny bit to the right of those dead limbs stuck in an adorable canister you will find the front door. Just in case you care. Since I know you do. Ok, onto the picture....

Totally adorable, right?!!? Go to her Etsy shop, located here and grab one =) She is super fun to work with, and can create pretty much anything you want!!


I swear...I love our two pups. Love them to death. They don't get sick often, thank heavens, but when they do- pets sure as heck know how to rack up a darn good vet bill, don't they?!? Beudreaux has a "deep seeded skin infection" (aka Staph-which I diagnosed before taking him to the vet) so after some skin scrapings and feeling all over his body (not to mention the aspirations they had to do b/c they felts some lumps they wanted to make sure weren't cancerous)- we came out of the vet with $180 deducted out of our bank account, 3 weeks worth of horse sized pills, a stop at the grocery store to buy some cheap brand American Cheese slices to give the dog said pills because he doesn't like peanut butter (is he weird or what?!?) and a shampoo that I am supposed to bathe him with 2-3 times a week. Um hello kind vet, would YOU like to come over and bathe him 2-3 times a week??? He's very good in the bath, but it kills my back and I then have to clean the bathtub once I clean him. I could use the hose but Beudreaux LOVES the hose and thinks it's the greatest gift in the world when he gets to play with the hose. I get so frustrated with him that I squirt it hard in his snout when I'm bathing him- and he thinks I hung the darn moon. I DIGRESS!!!!!

But- the medicine is working, there was nothing cancerous, just doesn't metabolize as well at 7 years old- so the spots were Lymphoma's (fatty cells and tissue) and is just storing fat, ahem, like his OWNER.

And here is a fabulous picture that my husband took of Beudreaux one day miz-snooze.

Love him. Love him. Love him.


Alright, enough rambling for this post. I have so many other things the hamster inside my head is telling me to report, but frankly, I am using the home PC of the people I nanny for b/c I left my laptop at home, and I am getting carpal tunnel wrist or carpal tunny body or something from sitting in this kinked position, so I'm off to do better things. Aka- drink a diet coke =)

Talk soon loves!

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

what we do to make sure our "kids" are feeling good!!

Cute sign! Love it=)

Happy Wednesday!

Bethany said...

What a sweet dog!! I love him, too. :)

I guess we can still be friends even if you do want Adam to win. :)

What a CUTE sign!! I love it.

Kelly said...

No way! Go Kris!!! :-D