Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Might Should Play the Lottery... I never win anything. ever.

Never win raffles...never won the lottery...never won pools...just never win.

Until Now =)

I have entered many-a-giveaways since embarking upon the blog world to no avail. No problem if I don't win...I just move on. But low and behold yall I WON A giveaway!!! And I won big!!!

Ms. Sweet Tea was hosting a plethora of giveaways and I was so desperately hoping to win!!! So much so, that the comment I left her as my entry read something along "Please oh please I hope I win this! Just want to win one!!!" LOL.

She has given away some super cute stuff!!! So heading my direction I have:

One of these...LOVE Totes, and LOVE things with m new monogram =)

A Pair of these, which I can't wait to flip flop around in this summer!

And an Adorable Custom Made sign from My Flip Flopz!!! I am planning on having my sign have the same pattern and colors as the one below, but I would like it to read "Home is where your story begins"

Not to Shabby if I may say so myself!!!! Thanks again Angela!!!!!

7 talker(s):

Christine said...

congratulations!!!! Hey, when can we meet for lunch?!

Mrs. D said...

Yay!! It's always fun to win something every once in a while! Enjoy your cute new stuff!!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

awesome!! ive given up on entering giveaways! maybe ill try again! ha

Donna said...

This was an awesome giveaway...congrats!!!

Lara said...

Congratulations, this could be the first win of many!

the bags are really cute, and I love red and white (they're my wedding colours for a reason!).

Fab fab fab! Enjoy them all!

Lola Cupcake said...

COngratulations! Miss Sweet Tea is just the best isn't she?!

Cally D said...

love the prize amy!!! that sign will be soooo cool!!!!! WOOHOOO!