Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Header Giveaway!!!!!!!

So back when I was a stressed out, overwhelmed, anxiety ridden Bridezilla Bride....I had a precious friend do some adorable custom work for some water bottle labels. (and let me insert here, I don't know who I'm kidding because I am still ALL of those things listed above, except now a Wife vs. Bride).

I digress.

Anyway, Brandie from Designs By Brandie made some A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E water bottle labels for me, as one of our favors leaving the wedding were bottles of water with our custom label, date, names, etc on them. We also had adorable bottles of water in our Welcome Baskets in the hotel rooms for our out of town guests. My mother freaked and decided that we couldn't use the SAME bottles in the backets as we did the wedding, because technically when the guests got to the hotel room before the wedding, Rob and I weren't married yet, so we couldn't have our "new name" on the bottles. Ok ok ok ok --- this all came about like 6 days before the wedding so I had NO desire nor energy to state my case on this issue, so I let my mother win that one- and asked Brandie if she could make a different label for the "hotel water". Making a long story longer, she of course came through again!!!

And what is SO amazing about all of Brandie's work that she has ever done for me, is that I will just email her and say: Here are some colors, here is what it needs to say, it's for this event- and yall- the girl creates a MASTERPIECE!!!!!

I emailed her in tears the other day....you know... This Day. I told her I just wanted a new header, and I wanted it pretty and I wanted it to be different, but that I had NO IDEA how to do it. She asked me what I wanted and I said I know nothing more than what I told you already. I know nothing. I said I wanted prints and maybe pictures and come cute fonts and maybe something from the color palate from our wedding, but that none of this I was sure on. She let me be SO ridiculously indecisive and said "Ames, let me work on this, and let's see what I come up with and if you hate it we change it, or we tweak it or we start over or whatever." *Amy breathed a sigh of relief*

So I say all of this to let yall know that Brandie is as sweet as they come. She is so patient, and so GOOD at what she does.

***********Getting to the Point, I Promise*************

What do you think of my new header?!?!?!?
Do you LOVE IT?!?!? Do you WANT ONE?!?!

Do you think that you need to spruce up the blog since (sometime sooner or later) Spring will come and Spruce up our yards and our days?!?!?

Well here is your chance!!! Brandie has been so generous and to give one lucky reader a new header of their very own!!!! Yep!!!! If you are ready for a new header now, or maybe one to save and use later, now is your chance!!!! Brandie is going to work with one lucky reader to make a custom header with any colors, pictures, fonts, ideas, etc that you have!!!

So how do you get entries?!?!?

1) One Entry for Leaving a Comment
2) One Entry for being/becoming a follower on my blog
3) One Entry for heading over to
Brandie's Family Blog and become a follower
4) TWO Entries for posting about this giveaway on your blog

(she is also going to post some pictures of other headers on her blog so you can see some more of her work!!!)

So leave me a comment and let me know which of the above things you have done, and we will get your name in the drawing for the appropriate number of entries!!!

We will be leaving this Giveaway open until 11:59 PM on Saturday, April 11th. I will pick a winner on Sunday, and Brandie said she could even work on the header on Monday and have it turned around quick!!!

Now....one last thing!!!!! Let's say you don't win, but want a new header OR button!!! Well great news...for a limited time, Brandie will be offering all of you sweet readers a new Custom Header for only $10 !!!!! And if you would like a button for your blog, she will be doing those for $7 !!!! Yup...you read it!!! So if you would like to purchase a new header and/or button for your blog from Brandie, you can either email me : amy(at)v-rod.net or you can email Brandie directly at Brandie(at)designsbybrandie.com and we can get that in the works!! Brandie will accept Paypal as a method of payment.

I promise you, promise you- you will not be disappointed.

So leave your comments and GOOOOOOOOD LUCK!!!!!

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Miss. Pretty said...

I would LOVE to enter. (I secretly hate my header..) So I'm a follower and I will post this on my sidebar on my blog..
Such a great giveaway and glad you are having a better day :)

Trisha said...

I would LOVE a new header!!! :D
I'm especially looking for one for my Photography Blog (I think - that is if I could figure out how to put it up on my Wordpress blog.)

Anyway. . .

1. Please enter me.
2. I'm a follower.
3. I'm a follower.
4. I posted about this giveaway here.

Wendy said...

I would LOVE a new header!!!
I follow your blog! :)

fncycwgrl said...

I am entering by comment, follow you, follow her....thanks :)

Shannon said...

I wouldn't mind a new header (or any header) for the bento blog. :o)

I don't "follow", I read you from my link list, just personal preference, you know I love you!