Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Seriously. When like everyone and their dog says that something is "so-and-so" you would think you would believe it, right???? For instance....if everyone, hypothetically, were to say "Jillian Michaels kicked my butt!! I was sweating, shaking, and my legs were like Jell-O." You might believe them, right??

So why do I think I'm an exception?!? Yall, my Jillian Make me sick Michaels DVD came in the mail yesterday. So today was the day.


I got all geared up ready to make fun of her video when it was all said and done...so I trotted my happy self downstairs, fought with the big screen in the gameroom, asked Hubby to fight with it also, and after enough of a battle with the darn thing, I huffed off into the guest bedroom to see "what this was all about".


It's 1:54 PM here. Approximately 5 hours AFTER I finished the mere, 20 minute, workout and my legs are still weak.

I kid you not.

She kicked my butt. But I'm determined people, I'm determined!!!!!!

10 days at Level 1, 10 days at Level 2 and 10 days at Level 3.

Rob asked me my gameplan with this said video because well, I guess he has started to see a trend in me ordering/saying I'm going to "do this activity or that" and then I never do it. I politely informed him that I plan to die exercise with Jillian Michaels every day of the week. Yup. {insert me biting off more than I can chew right about here} and then, I plan on heading over to the workout facility in the neighborhood on the weekends for some intense(er) cardio. However as it stands today, I could barely make it down the stairs when I had to leave this morning.

I'm not giving up!!!!!!
(at least not today)!!!!!!!!

Who else is still shaking from their workout a week ago????????

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Bethany said...

I damn near killed myself playing golf the other day...I don't know WHAT would happen if I worked out!!!

North Carolina won.

Donna said...

My arms are killing me from playing Wii babseball. My butt muscles are killing me from the Wii bowling...No pain, no gain - thats what they say,righ?! I'd like to know who "they" are. lol!!!

Good luck with the vid, I hoe it works for you! I saw Jillian on RR this morning, she was giving advice on picking the right meals when eating out, great info!

Foster Mama said...

You go girl!!!! I've been hearing so much about her video that I really want to get it and get my butt kicked too.

Good Luck!!! I know you can do it!!!

Ace said...

I think I commented the other day about how I quit because it did something to my knee. But I'm excited to actually see someone make it through so good luck!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

I'm all jello-y too!!! RICO actually did it with me last night but it was easier for him and he kinda laughed at me! I'd do it in the mornings but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to stand all day at work! Ha! Good luck with yours!!

Lindsey said...

YAYAYA welcome to the Shred club! You'll love it! I am doing the 10 days level 1, 10 days level 2, etc too and it rocks! I'm down 4 pounds already! Keep up the great work!!!