Monday, April 6, 2009

School's Out Forrrrrr Summer....and a Giveaway!!

....ok not really. Not even close. But for whatever reason, that song came to mind- so I decided it was appropriate for the title. On the OTHER hand, I also wanted to inform you that I will me MIA until about Thursday of this week, or so.

A) I have a huge test tonight.
B) I'm coming home tonight and working out for 45 minutes and then headed straight back upstairs to study for..........Big Test #2 Tomorrow night.
C) I will be studying tomorrow during the day for said test #2 above.
D) I will come home tomorrow evening (after taking test #2) and work out for 45 minutes and then begin studying for a HUGE HUGE test I have next Wednesday.

Ok- so lots and lots and lots of studying with some working out in between. Because I have decided the following........

I've had enough of my fatty fat self. The End.


Ok- and seriously, you will want to enter This. Seriously. Go Here and enter this.

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Donna said...

Hey pretty lady, good luck with all your studying!!!