Saturday, April 11, 2009

6 Months into the rest of our lives....

6 Months ago today....

I was getting ready:

And so was he:

And all of these friends and family:

Were getting ready to walk down this aisle:

And take their place on either side of these pumpkins:

So that he and I could join our hands in Marriage:

And say "I Do":

And we did:

And it was the best day of my life.

Happy 6 Month Anniversary, My Love.

And I'm so glad I only have 6 more months to go until we can indulge in this gorgeous masterpiece....but shhhhh...that's a secret and beside the point =)

7 talker(s):

Cally D said...

yeeeeahhh! happy 6 months to you and robberoo. May the next 6 be filled with less stress and lots of laughter and love. xox

Alyssa said...

Happy 6 months!

JohnandBrandie said...

Happy 6 months you two!!! :) You made a beautiful bride Amy!

Jane said...

Happy 6 months! Your wedding was gorgeous!

Donna said...

Yay Happy 6 month Anniversary!!!!

Josh&Alli said...

Happy 6 months! Doesn't time fly??

Angie said...

Your wedding pix are awesome! I had a fall wedding too with the same colors. We rock!
happy 6 month anniversary. I told hubs yesterday that it was our 6 month and he didn't share the same enthusiasm that I did lol.