Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blogger Bugger- LOL

No...not BOOGER...but BUGGER.

Mrs.Lauren Neaves has informed me that I need to update. Yep...let's go ahead and add this to my "To-Do" list and we will go ahead and cross it off as well!!! It seems these days, that anything, and I mean ANYTHING I can cross off a list, is a welcomed blessing!

Have I mentioned how very glad I am to only be planning 1 wedding in my lifetime?!?!? I love planning my wedding, don't get me wrong. However- I simply mean I will not be pursuing a career as a wedding planner...or anything having to do with weddings, LOL. And in all honesty...my wedding planning hasn't been a nightmare. Not even close. It is just tedious. Well, maybe that's due to a 14 month engagement...but then again- it could be due to the fact that I am SO very ready to be married :)

As far as wedding business goes....my dress ships in a little over a week!!!!! I can't wait!!!! I think I have found the hairstyle for the big day, as well as determined my veil fiasco..and whether I was going to wear it ontop of my hair, or have it coming out from below. How did I solve this, you ask??? I suppose you will have to attend the big day, to find out ;) I'm very very excited about my conclusion, and think it will work out perfectly!!!!!

Lets see...Rob and I bought all of the scrapbook/cardstock paper we needed for our Save the Date invites! YAHOO!! We went last weekend out to the Gaylord, and took the picture for them as well! Now, I just need to find 98239813 sheets of Vellum, and find some ribbon...and then we can put them together and mail them out!

I need to pick out Flower Girl Dresses

I/We need to determine what kind of Tux's the guys will wear...

I need to meet with Laurens mom, and determine our cakes :)

And all of the smaller- minute yet MASSIVE details :)

The diet is progressing lovely. We have majorly cut back on things, and have begun eating much healthier. Even hitting the gym as well!!! I sure hope to see some results, soon!!

Rob and I have a small, quaint Engagement Party this Saturday night. Just a few close people, who are in town. It's a Mexican Theme/Margarita party..so it should be lots of fun :)

Work is going fabulous...and I love my job!
The Dogs are still nuts...that will never change :)

Alright...it's short but sweet...and I won't wait another 2 weeks before updating again :)

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

Thank you! Great update!