Tuesday, February 12, 2008

T-Minus 7 Months and 28 Days

OH - MY - GOODNESS!!!! Let's quickly re-cap. When Rob and I got engaged, it was August 17th. We decided on our wedding date about a week or so later. Long, deep..breaths...no worries here. You are going to have a 14 month engagement. "Sterotypical" engagements are 12 month. You have longer than the majority. Amy thinks she will plan the wedding in a couple of months, and sit back and it will be smooooooth sailing from here. *Slap* *Slap*. Wake up Amy...get back to reality. Ok, reality is- my wedding planning experience has been nothing short of a PERFECT BLESSING, and has gone smoother than I EVER anticipated. My parents have been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, and are working so hard to make this wedding one of my most wildest dreams! Mom and I are one the same page with things, and I can honestly say we haven't had even ONE disagreement! Our venue is perfect, my wedding coordinator at the club is precious, my dress is GORGEOUS (not to mention, fits!) God answered a major prayer when it came to my florist, and she is a doll. The bridesmaid dresses are flattering, the flower girl dresses are so innocent and cute. My engagement ring is to die for, and my wedding band put together with this ring takes my breath away. Is this really my hand??? I long-time friend's mother will be doing our cakes, and they are going to be gorgeous, I just know it. We have a very good friend who is going to be doing our video for the wedding, and I cannot wait to see all of those pieces come together. The DJ is phenomenal, and I can't wait for our detail meeting here in a few months. Everything has been so amazing.

My finacee is just incredible. How I became to incredibly lucky to have found him??? I will never know. That's one thing I will be asking God about one day in Heaven. Why me?? What am I offering him?? What about me, makes his heart beat a little bit faster?? Those things, I am really not sure. What I do know, is that I love him more than words will ever be able to say...and our life before us, excites me to no end. Our vacations, our daily routines, the ups...the downs, the laughs and cries, our future children...our opportunities. I anxiously await them ALL. He is such a blessing in my life and in my heart. I love that man so very much. He is making all of my dreams come true.

So basically, I have been blessed with an amazing fiancee, an amazing family, and friendships that I hope everyone gets to experience sometime in their lives.

So now...it's Crunch time =) We are just under 8 months until our big day..and I suppose it's about time to finalize all the details! Flowers have been finalized. Engagement pictures are March 30th. Bridal portraits are May 23rd. I have the appointment set to meet with my alteration lady in late April, for my first set of alterations. I need to determine cakes, and begin to look at wedding invitations. Rob and I will go to the Club and determine the menu, sometime this summer. I need to find some fabric for the flower girl dresses, and determine the who's and what's and where's for the guy's tuxes. Hmmmm.

Anyway, things are going wonderfully. I think for the most part, they are right on track. I do need to determine table linens too. I need to call them. Ok- onto bigger and better things- ROB BOOKED OUR HONEYMOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I DEFINITELY cannot WAIT for that week!!!! How fun it will be to be there, just the 2 of us- spending the first week, of the rest of our lives together!!!!!!

What else has been going on....this past weekend, Rob had a friend come to Dallas. So...Rob had a guys weekend and Amy had a girls weekend! It was a fun, and much needed time for the both of us!!! I know we enjoyed our time with our friends, and I very much enjoyed hanging out with my future Hubby on Sunday afternoon!!

The doggies are doing well..just as crazy as always. I am still beating Rob miserably when we play bowling on the Wii--so that always gives me a boost if I ever need one (hehehehe). You have to understand...Rob beats me at EVERYTHING. The guy can even carve a pumpkin better than I can. I'm serious. So to find something that I can usually have victory in- is quite the accomplishment!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

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