Tuesday, April 29, 2008

5 Months and 12 Days...

Yes...yes I am still around =) Man, I tell you what. Wedding planning is fun...but have I ever mentioned HOW GLAD I will be when it is over?!?!? I never have been one to enjoy making decisions. Therefore, spending 14 months making decisions after decision after decision is taking it's toll on me! Will this go with that?? Will this look good or that look better? How much...what color..is this enough?? Is that too much?? What to do for this, what to get for that??? American or French Bustle?? Hair up or down?? Shoes closed toed or open?? OHHHHHHH MY GOOOOODNEESSSS **breathe, Amy**!!!!!

Yes, this wedding is quickly creeping up on me!! Does anyone know where April went? I swear it was just the beginning of April!!! Somehow it is nearly May, which means it is about 5 months until I have to have all of this wedding stuff wrapped up! That is my goal. Have everything wrapped up and ready to go by October 1st. October will have enough stress in itself..just with life in general, so having the first 10 days of October to not have to wrap up anything last minute would be fantastic.

A dream. And probably only a dream...but it would be fantastic!!!

Good news- we have decided the when and where and what with the Bridesmaid Luncheon!! I am so excited for the Bridesmaid luncheon, and being able to show these 6 ladies just how VERY much I appreciate them standing beside me as I become Rob's wife. Rob's wife. My husband. Rob will have a wife, and I will have a husband. Man, somewhere I blinked and grew up!!!!

But I couldn't be happier. We are both so ready to be married, we can hardly stand it!!!

We also figured out what we are doing for the wedding favors, and they will be adorable! My dress is being altered, and my bridal portraits are on May 23rd! Coming up here really soon!!! I'm soooooo excited!!!

All in all it's moving along just great! I think I'm at least close to being on schedule!!!

On another note- Rob's brother, Ryan, got engaged last week!!!!! I love Ryan and Kate both, dearly. They are precious together, and I really am so very glad they found each other. They will be getting married April 25, 2009!!!

Rob is traveling quite a bit these days...in fact, he has 3 trips this week, alone! So the 2 dog and I are getting to have some MAJOR bonding time. (someone, please help me!!!)

Rob and I are going out of town for the weekend next weekend, to Oklahoma. We are taking the motorcycles and headed out to Broken Bow for a week of camping with about 30 of our other friends. We are so excited, and we both are in need of a semi-vacation!!!!

I will post pictures when we return!!!

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Trisha said...

YAY! Glad to hear things are coming along great! It'll be here before you know it!

I can't wait to see vacation pictures! :)