Saturday, May 24, 2008

Progress....making Progress!!!

So last weekend, Mom and I went and picked out invitations. This was really special to me, because I saw some invitations back in September when Mom and I attended a bridal show, that I fell in love with. I haven't been able to get them out of my head, but they were never in our budget, so needed to get out of my head. Anyway, fast forward 8 months, to last weekend when mom and I went to look at invitations. We went and met with a lady who owns a store called The Paperstation, in Frisco. She asked what I wanted- and I explained to her that what I wanted was not what was going to be in our budget. She told me to tell her anyway, so I did. Well...after some work, and some calculations and this and that- can you believe that I will be able to have those dream invitations!!!! I am so thrilled. They are so elegant, yet modern, yet traditional- yet fun. I cannot wait to see them! We have another appt. with her this coming Wednesday, so we will get to see the proofs she worked up!!!

So then....on Wednesday of last week, Megan, Mom, and I went over to Carole's house to talk cakes. Well we talked "life" talk, and caught up on people from "back in the day" as well as talked cakes. It turns out that we definitely can have the 2 cakes that Rob and I have picked out, and I am so thrilled for that, too!!!! It is SOOOOO nice to not have to worry ONE BIT about my cakes. Carole does amazing, beautiful, detailed work- that I have been able to witness for years. Man, we have gotten so lucky- and have been so blessed during this whole process.

Then....on Friday of this past week, Megan, Mom, and I headed out to the Arboreteum to meet my photographer, Rod, and his wife, Hannah- for my bridal portraits. So, that day started at 9:30 with my hair appt. Insert major anxiety here. I was stressing about my hair, hoping it came out looking great. Prayer answered. It did. It was fabulous. Makeup at 11:30. Well that was a disaster. I won't get into the details, but I will say things DO happen for a reason, and the girl who ended up doing my makeup was fabulous and a complete God send. I know it. She is a jewel, and will DEFINITELY be doing my makeup for the wedding. Man, I loved her. So then it was off to the Arboreteum. In 97 degree heat. Yes..97 degrees. Now, I don't want to sit here and whine...but I'm going too, a little. The VERY Reason that we chose to do my portraits in May- was to avoid 90+ temperatures like we have June, July, Aug, and sometimes Sept. I need my pictures back by Sept, so I can get one framed- May it was. I nearly melted. I tried to keep a smile, and sure as heck hope my makeup wasn't running off of my face! Mom and Megan said it wasn't...and they had better be telling the truth! Oh well, that's what picture editing is for, right?!?!? =) it's Saturday, and Rob and I just came in from spending some time at the pool in our neighborhood. It was a nice time out...and for some odd reason, it was all adults at the pool- so that was even nicer!!!

I hope all of you enjoy your long weekend, and will be back to post more, soon!

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Trisha said...

YAY for progress! =D

I can't wait to see those bridal portraits! I sure hope you're going to be sharing them! ;)

Ricardo and Lauren said...

You have gotten a lot done! I saw the pics of your cakes! They are beautiful!

Clint and Lauren Brock said...

Oh cool, Spicewood Crossing? I think they are pretty new. We are still looking around a little if you have any recommendations!

Glad you got your portraits behind you...believe it or not I took mine ONE WEEK before the wedding! Actually 6 days, since I took them on a Saturday and our wedding was on a Friday - and had a bridal portrait on stretched canvas in time for the wedding! :) Sttrrreesssssful but worth it! :) It's nice that you have so much time. Have fun with planning! We just got all our wedding photos back today and it is all SOOO worth it! :) Fun fun fun. :)