Wednesday, June 11, 2008

4 Months until Forever

4 months to the day, and we will be saying I do.

4 months to the very moment right now, we will be dancing the night away with our closest family and friends at a reception of my dreams.

Cake, champagne, memories, laughs, tears, joy, celebration, and warm wishes- and a husband. Wow.

Ok- so I had a nice moment of sentimental speaking, and now...I'm freaking, HA!

Bridal pictures went great, and the proofs are beautiful. Mom and I are getting together the BM gifts, as well as the gifts I am going to give the girls at my Bachelorette Party.

I have GOT to go this weekend and finish our registry. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! It's got to get done!!!

Work has been crazy with some restructuring going on, but I am hoping in the end, it works out just as I know would benefit us the best.

Rob and I are enjoying watching So You Think You Can Dance, while just finishing a dinner of rice, black beans, tomatoes, and grilled chicken- wrapped in a Sundried Tomato Wrap. Yummy. It was awesome!

I hope all of little blog readers are doing wonderfully, and I promise to begin blogging more often very very soon!

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