Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sooooo Ready Not Ready

This describes me, LOL!!!! I am so ready for this wedding, but so not ready! To be very honest, my first 13 months of wedding planning went great. There were a few setbacks, but that is to be expected, right? Well this last month could be the death of me! There really is only SO much you can do before hand, because some things just have to wait until the last minute; until you have a final headcount and until closer to the time of the wedding.

The last few things on the list include: meeting with the DJ, determining the order of the ceremony, as well as our speeches at the wedding, and putting together the slide show. (oh and food tasting, Bridesmaid dress altering, hotel basket putting together, flowergirl dress fitting and shoe ordering...but I mean...who's really counting, HA!) I know it will all fall into place, but to say these next 4 weeks are going to be busy is more of a understatement than I care to admit too!!!

It will be MORE than worth it on October 11th...and this I know!

I hope to update more...but right now, I know my days will be spent working and my evenings spent wrapping up the loose ends!

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and send your best wishes =)

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Lou said...

HI...I've just dropped by to look at your blog...isn't that the way of cyberspace? (Don't be alarmed - I've come via My Charming Kids web page) I'm a stranger (!!) but I still wish you a very happy wedding day! Reading your pre-wedding excitement is great - I hope the day is everything you've dreamed about. I thought I'd comment and not just pass through silently! (My hubby had lasik surgery on his eyes too!) BYE.

Jennifer said...

Hello! I also found you off My Charming Kids blog! I love reading different blogs, so I gave yours a shot! I hope your wedding is wonderful!! Congrats and good luck to you both!! Oh yea, you can check my blog out too if you'd like! Thanks for letting me visit!