Sunday, March 2, 2008

Officially one of the best parts of Wedding Planning!!!

So...I was mentioning to Rob the other day that we would soon need to begin registering for our wedding. Nonchalantly mentioned it to of those "I'm giving you a warning..mental note" kinda things that women do for men =)

Anyway, Rob was so sweet and mentioned today over lunch, that we should run to Super Target and begin registering. Who am I to argue!?!? A female going to Target on a "Shopping Spree". You betcha, I'm there. Luckily, the other night, I went online and created registries for us at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Crate & Barrel, and Williams Sonoma. Not sure if we would end up actually registering at all said places, but nevertheless, if we did register at those stores, then I was already one step ahead of the gang.

So we went to Super Target and put a few things on our registry there. Then, we went to Crate & Barrel. Holy help me!!!!! I had a blast!!! Rob even had fun, too!!! He was so cute finding "guy necessities" and scanning them =) So cute. He particularly enjoyed the wine glass/highball/margarita/scotch on the rocks area...I wonder why?? He acts like I drive him to drink, LOL. But really...we had a wonderful, wonderful time together- and I just can't believe this is all happening!!!!! He was so patient and sweet, and we have agreed on all aspects.....except flatware :) We haven't found flatware (yet) that we both loved...but we still have to check WS and BB&B.

Registering has to be one of the best parts of wedding planning! Getting out and building your wish list is so much fun! I love new things =)

T-Minus 7 months until we get married!!!!! We are halfway through our engagement!!!!!!

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

Super fun. Scan anything and everything you want!