Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm hot??? Wait, no....not me...MY BLOG

Trish...you made my day :)

She has declared my blog (for a reason unbenounced to me!!!) a Hot Blog, and has presented me with this award!!!


I love it!!!! Thank you TRISH for doing this. I truly appreciate it. I have added a counter on my sidebar to see how popular I am to make me feel good to see how much traffic my blog is getting- to entice me to blog more and more. I had so much positive feedback on my post a while back regarding some issues going on with myself. I wasn't sure about opening myself up to the world wide web and blogosphere as I did in that post, but my post did touch some people, and hit home- so that made me feel good.

I'm in the middle of writing a new post that has some awesome information in it, but it's taking me forever because I'm lazy because I'm trying to word it the way it will come across the best. Putting my heart out there.

Anyway....enough of my ramblings. I am supposed to Link Back to Trish's Blog which I have done, should you click on this sentence I just typed!!! as well as nominate some others!!!

So here we go:

1) Click for Trish's Blog Trish has some mad, MAD photography skills. Why oh WHY do all of these precious photographers that I love live so far away???

2) Click for Sydney Grace's Blog Sydney is an adorable little girl who was born directly into the arms of Jesus on November 30, 2007. Sydney's mother and father, Alyssa and Ian- narrate this blog, and it's just real life, raw, nitty gritty, emotions. Full of truth, hope, and of course, Grace. I attended church with Alyssa and Ian back in the day, and I truly miss them. You can link over to their son's blog as well, from Syd's- and I encourage you to read this blog of incredible determination, question, and strength.

3) Click for MckMama's Blog I LOVE this blog!!! MckMama is mommy to 4 precious kiddos, and a wonderful photographer. There is FAR to much that she incorporates into her blog, for me to write any type of short description- so trust me on this one...just go read it. Just do it. Now.

4) Click for Ashley Adams Blog Ashley Kate's blog means a lot to me, because it was the very first blog that I ever read. Her blog is what introduced me to the world of blogging. Ashley's blog is the story of a little 3 year old girl, who has touched more hearts than you can imagine. It is a touching story of her continuous journey through life as a true fighter.

5) Click to Link to Amy's Blog Ugh, another blog of an amazing mommy and photographer who AGAIN....lives far away from me. Amy and Alyssa (from Sydney's blog above) have become best of friends, and I truly admire their friendship. She has some funny tales from her kiddos, as well as some amamzing photos. Check it out!

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amy said...

GIRLFRIEND- thanks for the proppage! you're too sweet! my blog of course has been broken since november but i hope to have it up and running again soon!!! i LOVE the new blog look by the way!