Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Few and Maybe a little far between....

Somehow I have gotten off track in what really matters in life. Who really matters, what really matters, and WHY they/it really matter. I have let this thing called "the internet" turn me into someone I don't particularly like (or know for that matter). The internet has begun to slowly creep in and consume my mind, heart, thoughts, and life....and that's just not right. It's not what God wants for my life, I can tell ya that much- and it's surely not what I want for my life either.

I have spent many-a-nights just sitting on the couch reading blogs, facebook, this page and that...linkety link to linkety lienk....instead of being productive, instead of being driven, instead of being motivated...instead of being me.

I don't want to be a family that doesn't talk, I don't want to be a family where each person goes to his/her space and just hangs out doing whatever. And if we allow that to be who we are now...then it will surely be who my family is, as that is all they will know.

With all of that blog posts may become few and far between. I will still post, and hopefully my posts will actually have some substance now (HA!) since I won't be posting quite as much. It's a decision that I have chosen, and am not giving 1 second thought to. It's simply what I WANT to do, and can't wait to get back to finding the real me.

Now please don't misunderstand...I think the internet is a GREAT tool, I think that blogs are wonderful and I will keeping reading and commenting as the time allows. I think that the internet, networking sites, blogs, etc...are all great resources. But they are just that...informative resources.

I want to look back on my days, weeks, months, years, life...and see what I accomplished. What did I achieve? What did I overcome...what did I learn. I don't want to have regrets. I don't want to have to live in the "if only I had _______" anymore. I have beaten myself up for my mistakes in the past for long enough, and it's time to move from this day forward and be confident in my life and who I am.

I will be putting my focus, time and effort in to the things my heart wants and needs. The things that I strive to achieve, and surround myself with the people who love me the most.

So please excuse me for a bit =) I plan on taking some time away...but continuing to post every so often. I plan on enjoying all of this life which God has given me.

Finding my happiness within myself, within my husband's eyes, within my family and all throughout my friends.

I want to experience all that this world has to walk hand in hand with my husband and to take it all in.

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

Great!!! I had to step back and do the same thing. It started to consume me. SO I let myself have about 20 minutes in the morning that that's about it. I occasionally turn it on in the evening, but it was taking up too much of my time. Now I'm working on not playing with my phone all the time. I have learned that I just put it in the other room after work and use it wisely! So far the past couple of weeks I'm finding I don't have to fill my time with that! I know Rob will appreciate it! Rico does:)

Cally D said...

great plan. i just need to state we need to get together in REAL life sooner than later so we can no longer just be online chat buddies.

i am so proud of you amy for taking charge of your life, and your happiness xoxox cally

KAREBEAR said...

good luck in all you do Amy!

~ Donna ~ said...

Awesome plan Miss Amy!


Sara said...

I wish you luck Amy!!! I will miss you, but I understand what you need to do and I hope you achieve everything that you want and need! I agree with Cally! We all 3 need to get together.

Denisa said...

Amy, I wish you nothing but the best for your life. *hugs* talk to you soon!