Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hammers, Chisels, and.....Anestesia- oh my??????

8:22 Update: Dr Rohn came out to talk with me and let me know that Rob is in recovery..I will post more about the surgery in a bit...for now I'm going to sign off...and go see him in about an hour.

****8:00 PM Update****
Rob is still in surgery. His nose was broken years ago (as stated below) and he did not haveit reconstructed then. Therefore tonight there is a lot of pre-existing damage and scar tissue that the doctor is having to work with. He has been back there for 4+ hours...and I'm trying not to lose myself now. Again...I know it isn't a super invasive surgery, but for me- this is a lot.

I sit here at Plano Presy Hospital as my sweetie is having the reconstruction surgery on his broken nose. He broke it a couple of months ago boxing. For those that don't know (and I don't think I've mentioned it on here) Rob has taken up MMA (mixed martial arts) as a new found hobby. He and a group of guys go up to a training gym every weekend and learn how to throw each other around, choke each other out, box, and do tons and tons of conditioning. Well a couple of months ago, Rob and his fighting partner, Jeremy, were boxing and Rob looked right into Jeremy's left punch, resulting in a nice broken nose for Rob! The day he broke it, I came home actually didn't notice anything at first. And then I went upstairs and a few minutes later he came upstairs too and got a big bag of ice and slapped it on his face. I looked at him and said "What in the world have you done now??" (because about 2 weeks prior to breaking his nose, he obtained a nice slit open eyelid- go figure!) He proceeded to tell me he thinks his nose is broken :) Glorious honey, glorious.

We were of course in the midst of switching health insurance companies, so the Dr Appt's and such had to wait until we had our new coverage up and running!

So fast forward about 2 months, and here we are. Got here at 12:00 today....doctors previous surgeries during the day had lasted longer than anticipated so we wait..and wait...and wait. My dad came up here about 1:00 to see how we were. The nurse came out about 1:05 and told us about the surgeries being behind schedule and advise us that we were free to go "run around" and be back at the hospital around 2:00. So what did we I do??? Well Rob insisted that we I go and grab some lunch since I had only eaten an apple by that point. Rob hasn't been allowed to eat since 8:00 PM last night, poor thing so I attempted to protest and tell him that I wasn't going to eat in front of him but he was persistent and so I gave in and we went and grabbed lunch.

Came back about 2:00 PM and went back to pre-op. They prepped him for surgery which involved all of the following:

This also involved me continuing to take picture much to his chagrin:

But he was a good sport and we had a nice time waiting before he went back for surgery (well as nice as you can have within a room that is like 6 x 6 !!!!!

They finally came back about 4:00- put on the final touch which involved placing the hat THIS WAY on this head:

(and him deciding he was going to leave it like that to feel like a rapper)

So I sit out here in the waiting room...blogging...drinking a diet coke...perusing the internet and praying for a quick, successful surgery and a minimally painful recovery!

I'll be sure to post some before and after photos soon!

For Now,


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