Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not for the Sensitive Stomachs....

....puhhhhllleeaassseeeee what am I saying??? Who am I to say ANYTHING in regards to who I think can stomach a certain situation/video/or recovery room!!!!!

Today Rob went and had the stints, stitches, and cast removed from his nose. I saved Rob the trouble of even having to ask me to attend the appointment with him, and immediately informed him that I would NOT be attending this shindig as the bruise on the top of my foot from falling once twice is still sore and I probably should just "take it easy" {ahem, or something like that!}

I mean, really, I probably should have a post-op/post fall/post recovery appointment as well, but I consider myself pretty tough and strong {stop laughing} so I'll just save that copay *wink*

Ok so I'm about to post the video below showing the removal of one of Rob's stints. I actually thought it was going to be much worse seeing how Rob forced me into watching YOUTUBE videos of rhinoplasty stint removal {and I'm the idiot who obliged} and it made looking like birthing sextuplets without any medications like a piece of cake!!! the video is below...

When I called Rob after his appointment, I laughed and asked him if he made sure to tell Dr Rohn about my "episodes" in the recovery area. Rob laughed back and said "Oh no...not at all, he said he already knew all about it".


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Mango said...

oh my gossssssshhh hahaha!!! that video! i've never seen so much snot in my life.. and yes, that's coming from the snot queen. Glad to see you are on the road to recovery, Rob. Can't wait to check out that shnoz of yours! :)