Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hope Floats Votes!!!!

Hey Yall!!! I'm coming to ya live here...with a really fun favor!!!!! I'm not sure how many of yall read Kristy Bolte's Blog that can be found here (Waiting for Happy) ...but if there is a woman who I admire for strength, determination, a foundation with her Father who I long to have, and a heart like none other- It's Kristy.

For those not familiar with their story, the Bolte's have 2 sweet precious sons in Heaven, and 2 sons and one daughter here on Earth. After the loss of their first son Isaac, Kristy and Howard tried again. Luke was born as healthy as can be. They then were blessed to deliver a healthy spunk of a son in Benjamin. They became pregnant for the fourth time, and sweet Asher passed away after birth as well. They became pregnant for the fifth time (first time pregnant with a baby girl) and sweet Hope was born with the diagnosis of EB, but the Lord is protecting her from the trauma that this disease can cause as His hand is protecting her sweet body.

Kristy has entered Hope into a contest where the winner will receive a complimentary photo shoot, complimentary adorable Tutu, and $25 towards their portrait purchase. All it takes at ALL to vote is a simple email. That's it yall. No registering, no spam email...just one email.

Kristy and I were emailed recently about how special this opportunity is to her as a mother, because with the diagnosis Hope was given at Birth with EB...having a gorgeous photoshoot to represent the fact that diagnosis don't ultimately define you as a person or the plans that God has for your baby would be such a sweet symbol for this family.

I am asking you guys to do this....yall it's easy...

1) Send an email to this email address: katiemihalakcontests@gmail.com
2) In the subject write: Babies and One Year Olds
3) In the body of the email write: I would like to vote for Hope Bolte

THAT's IT!!!!! Easy as Pie!!!!!

You can vote until this Friday...and if you vote, will you please leave me a comment??? I might just have something up my sleeve for one of my commenters who votes, and leaves me a comment telling me so!!!

Seriously...you know this baby is p-r-e-c-i-o-u-s!! So VOTE!!! Will you?!?!?

{Don't Forget To Leave Me a Comment if you Vote...and you can vote once per email address...but if you have more than one email address..you can vote from all email addresses *wink*}

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Bethany said...

I voted. What a sweet family. I have kept up with them for a couple of years, actually. She (Kristy) is amazing!! I hope HOPE wins! :)