Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bridal Bliss....

This past Saturday was my Bridal Shower. This shower was hosted by my mother's co-workers. I have never, in my life, seen such a beautiful set up. From the pictures throughout the home, to the food, to the cake, to the napkins, to the tulle on the champagne glasses..it was flawless and incredible. They went above and beyond the norm, and I was completely taken back.

Some of my very best friends made it to the shower, including 2 girls I hadn't seen in years, along with one of my friends from Waxahachie!!!! That is some major dedication!!! I am so thankful.

The lady who is making my RB Pillow, FG Dresses and Baskets, as well as our Wedding Favors made my cake- and it was A-MAZ-ING!!!

I received so many gifts off of my registry from the friends who came, and some of those who could not make it, sent their gifts from afar. It was SO much fun, and a shower that I will treasure forever!

I have lots and lots of pictures up on facebook, should any of you want to see more....but I had the most wonderful day--and in less than 7 weeks....I will be Mrs. Spencer!!!! AHHH!!! Fun =)

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Trisha said...

YAY for showers!

It was a beautiful one. So glad that you had a good time!