Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh this could get very bad...

So...there is this AMAZING shopping center that just opened up within walking distance to/from our home. Within this shopping center, you find an INCREDIBLE sushi lounge (Kotta) a nail salon with like 293040238423 Spa Pedicure Chairs, a hair salon, and an Italian Gelatto place similar to Paciugo. Oh, I failed to mention there is a pastry shop, and a GREAT Italian restaurant, as well as a Wine bar. Finesse.

Ok..so the other day, I am aimlessly staring at the shopping center as I turn into our neighborhood and low and behold something catches my eye(s).

Insert slamming on brakes here....and I whip a fast one into the parking lot. Is it what I saw??? Is this true???? Can it be??? What did I find??? A sign that reads:

Its true...a CUPCAKE store within walking distance to my house.

I wonder if they are publically traded?!?!?

Feel free to visit their site..... www.thecupcakery.com

Be still my beating heart....

2 talker(s):

Ine said...

where are you two going to be living? we are moving back to allen in March (we're building in a community up north of Twin Creeks, by the future arts center) it just looked like you may be referencing the new shops at bethany :)

Clint and Lauren Brock said...

Kotta! I love Kotta! I wonder if it is the same one I've been to. And The Cupcakery sounds amazingly yummy too! I would be in trouble for sure.

Glad I could help you feel better about your rough patch. It will really be ok and turn out for the best. And there's always unemployment :) (which pays more than you would think!!)