Saturday, August 1, 2009

Double Edged Sword :)

So posting about giveaways on your blog for additional chances to win is totally a double edged sword....with the sharper edge on my side, lol.

You see- while it gets me an additional entry- it also means yall will hope over there and enter creating LESS of a chance I will win, due to odds :)

I digress....swords, machetes, guns, guillotines- or what have you....some stinking adorable giveaways going on over at

1) Check out THIS ONE for an adorable dog collar and leash!!

2) Also up for grabs is an ADORABLE Monogrammed Mug!!!

3) You could win a precious "Boo" Tote for yourself or another sweet girl in your life!

4) Who wouldn't love a new Blog Template????

Good Luck Y'all!!!!

(and ya better come back and post and let me know if ya win!!!)

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