Monday, July 27, 2009

Please Pray for the Little Babe

....I know that many, MANY of us blog readers follow MckMama and I almost thought to myself "everyone who knows of Stellan knows that he is in very very critical health right now, and is already praying..." so I almost didn't feel the need to make this post.

But you know what...even our Father knows the outcome of Stellan's life. He knows how long He is lending the Earth this precious babe. And even HE asks us to pray. Tells us to pray.

So friends...please...please take a moment to pray for this precious little boy who is so very sick right now. Please pray for his family. Pray for his mothers broken, tired and weary heart. Pray that his heart can return to Normal Sinus Rhythm and continue beating at a safe rate.

While you pray for this babe, please pray for the other sick babies in the world...the ones that we know of, and the ones we know of not.

Prayers for Stellan

3 talker(s):

Angie said...

I just made a post asking for people to pray for Stellan too! I am so sad for that family, it's heartbreaking.

Sassy Scribbles said...

we'd be glad to join you in your prayers for Stellan.

Lara said...

I've been following McMama's blog for a while now, so I am sending out my best wishes and thoughts to the whole family. I hope baby Stellan is going to pull through.