Thursday, July 2, 2009

Slackers 'R Us.....

Seriously...I am the biggest slacker. Well BLOG slacker these days. I will say I am VERY proud of myself for my Bootcamp progress!!! Bootcamp started last Monday and it is 5 days a week, so tomorrow (Friday) will be my 10th day at bootcamp! She has changed up a lot of the exercises- so in some ways it is hard to tell how much I may have improved since there is only 1 exercise we do but I do believe know for sure if she had started out last week with the exercises we are doing this week- I would not be alive. I would be moonwalking it up with MJ. Ok, bad bad bad joke. Forgive me, please. Ahem...anyway, Bootcamp is WONDERFUL and I truly am excited to go each and every night! Rob has told me on 2 occasions how proud of me he is, and that seriously means so much to me. I am doing it first and foremost because I want ME to be proud of ME, and second because I want my husband to be proud of me. I'm beyond proud of him in so many ways, it will be nice to return the favor =)

My sweet (but strict as all get out) BC trainer has asked me to bite off more than I can chew attempt to run a 5K with her in October. Rob is going to run it too, so how kind and inexpensive of me to let him know it can be our anniversary gift to each other in October. I supppooosseeee the little paper on our back that says our number can be the "paper" gift for the 1st anniversary. When is the diamond anniversary? Do I have to wait much longer??? Oh- sorry..back on topic. So yes, apparently my fat ass is going to run a 5K in October. Yikes. I'll keep you updated on that front.

I am so saddened by ALL of the recent losses that have happened in the entertainment and non-entertainment world. And while MJ's life was all sorts of crazy, IMO, I did and still do, and probably always will- Love his music.

What else do I know....oh yes. My tim the toolman taylor husband is building this MASSIVE desk. He has been working on it NON STOP this week. No, I'm serious. Like he goes to the gym, goes to spin class, comes home and works on this thing from 11 AM to 9 PM. It's awesome though. He's building the entire thing all by himself. So amazing.

I really need to get back to posting some pictures on this blog. I was looking back today, as I was searching for a particular post I wrote a while back and see that this place is really rather boring. Or maybe it's just my life. Hmmmmm.

Yall got any good ideas for some rockin' posts???? Seriously, I'm begging here....