Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Let's Give 'em Somethin' to Blog About...

People are bloggin'....bloggin 'bout people...let's give em something to blog about... (one of my favorite songs from "back in the day")

Annnywaaayyy...moving right along. Seriously, I know I haven't written in forever. It seems like so much has gone on, yet nothing has gone on at all.

This summer heat here in Texas is about to dehyrdrate and have me shrivel into a piece of human jerky. Could someone PLEASE turn down the A/C. I am SO READY for fall and winter. Sad part about it....we still have 2 months left of this dreaded Texas heat. I know, I know - If ya can't take the heat...get outta Texas. But really...right now we are staying put.

HOWEVER....I could SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY use a getaway here:

Seeing this all morning and afternoon long:

While practicing shooting the outdoors with our

Having a Cooler filled with some:

(granted the place I displayed above isn't Mexico...Corona would still be the beer of choice.)

With some tunes playing in my ears via this:

While having my awesome husband lying on the chair next to me...

We could really really use a break from here. I sure hope we have the opportunity soon.


Everyone needs to welcome my SISTER into the blogging world!!!! If you want someone down to Earth, yet hilarious, gorgeous, with a sense of style, and someone who HATES to walk up ANY stairs with someone behind her because she gets frightened**, then you will truthfully enjoy reading Her Blog. No, really...yall hop on over there--become a follower, and give her a lil' shout out!! I've made it easy (ya can thank me later)...just Click Here.

(**We grew up in a two story house and poor thing- everytime she would go up the stairs, and I would be behind her- I would run as fast and loud as I could up the stairs chasing her making this wretched screeching sound while trying to tickle her and it has seriously scarred her for life. I imagine we will see a post about it on her blog very very soon!)

And I just wanted to clarify once more that my new comment system *should* remember your information (name, email, bra size, weight...etc) after the first time you put it in. Also make sure you click under your comment that you DO NOT want to receive email updates on comments. But again, if this comment system seems to frustrate people, and keep them from commenting, then I'm taking it back to the old school. Because I'm so cool yalls thoughts and comments are WAY more important to me than the new comment system :)

I hope yall are all having a wonderful week.....

Where do YOUUUUUUU wish you could be right about now????