Saturday, November 22, 2008

MckMega Giveaway!!!!!!

Alright trusty readers....many of you have noticed that I have a button on my sidebar for "Not Me Monday" It links you to an Amazing Blog (you can click on the words "awesome blog" preceeding these parentheses) that MckMama writes, telling the stories of love, laughter, life, lessons, and the like. They just celebrated the arrival of their 4th son- who is no doubt a MckMiracle.

Anyway, I truly encourage all of you to read though her blog (especially her sidebard) to learn about her family, her parenting skills, and handy dandy tips she has for this, that and the other!!!

MckMama is a GLORIOUS photographer, and has actually inspired me to become more interested in photography.

She has a wonderful giveaway going on...dealing with photography and the well as a custom header made for the winner!!!

This family truly is a jewel, and I know reading and learning about their daily lives will encourage and uplift you just as much as it does me!!

So go on...venture over.....CLICK HERE!!!!

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happy gram said...

amy, i'm just going to tell you that your comment on kristy bolte's blog was amazing. what beautiful prose and what touching words for kristy! you totally took the sadness of a sad little box and sprinkled it with such a beautiful picture of her babies' impact on the world. God bless you for knowing EXACTLY what to say!!! love, jan