Sunday, November 2, 2008

Electricity, Amy Winehouse, Wine at Our House and Wreck 'Em Tech

Parties, entertaining, and one heck of a football game was the majority of our weekend!!! On Friday night, Rob, my sister and me all went to my boss's Halloween party in Uptown. The costume that Rob and I wore was a hit...however we did get some "what in the world" looks if we were talking around WITHOUT each other! We went as a Plug and Outlet =)

My sister is the creative one in the family, and can pull off pretty much anything she attempts. She went as Amy Winehouse complete with the "illegal drugs" hanging out of her back pocket. (aka powdered sugar in our house...but somehow at the Wine"house" I imagine it's the real thing!). Anyway, her costume was perfect, and was a hit!

And all 3 of us...

On Saturday evening, my brother-in-law, Ryan, and his fiance Kate came over and we watched the game, enjoyed some glasses of wine and cooked burgers. They brought their poodle and miniature schnauzer with them, so we had a full house of 4 dogs and 4 adults! It was such a wonderful time, and we are so lucky that we live so close.

Before and after dinner we watched the UT/Tech game--and MY oh MY what a game it was!!!!! Seeing as I went to Tech for 2 years, it isn't hard to know who I was pulling for. And it doesn't hurt to mention that UT and A&M drive me absolutely to say that I was excited that Tech pulled off this win is probably an understatement!!! Tech played amazingly last night, and they deserved this win, for sure!!!

Wreck 'em Tech!

I hope you all had a wonderful and fun weekend as well!!!!

HAPPY FALL!!!!!!!!!

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