Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Thanksgiving

Well..I don't have any breaking news to report from our Thanksgiving Holiday, so I am sure that is a good thing! It was pretty low key. Since the grandparents were just here in October for the wedding, and since they will be coming back for Christmas, we decided it would be alright for it to just be a smaller Thanksgiving this year. Not to mention, my dad is officiating the OSU vs OU game today, so he left Friday morning to head to Stillwater.
I stuffed myself full as can be on Thanksgiving, which is half of the fun, right??? Everything was so good!!! I even volunteered to make the dressing, using my grandmothers fantastic recipe! I will admit...for it being my very first time to tackle that recipe, it turned out pretty darn good!! Of course I somehow think that I will be "nominated" to now make the dressing every year, HA! We just spent the day at my parents and my sister was there as well.
Friday I had a chiropractor appointment at 8:30 so I was out with the crowds!! I will admit that I went into Wal-Mart looking for a certain gift for a certain family member, and I was able to find it- so that was a plus!!!! Chiropractor appointment went awesome, and if anyone needs a recommendation for a good Chiropractor in Frisco, I highly recommend Dr Wilson. Anyway, anyway...came back home and Rob and I ran a couple of other small errands...and that was about it. OHHH-- then last night we went to the Holiday in the Square. The light show was awesome, and Rob and I had a great time walking around in the crisp, cool air. We ate at an Italian restaurant in Frisco Square called "Josephine's' and it was really good!!!!
Today has been a lazy day- and I have a pot of Chicken Tortilla Soup simmering on the stove for dinner this evening!
I think we are going to attempt to head over to the Shops at Legacy tomorrow to take our picture for our Christmas I'll let you guys know how that turns out!

I hope you all had a very very Happy Thanksgiving- talk to you all soon!

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Trisha said...

Oh GOOD. I'm so relieved that you were able to find/buy MY Christmas gift. Phew. ;)

hehe =P

Trisha said...

Hey there girlie. . .
I left you a surprise over on my photography blog. :)