Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just Because

I wish there were enough words to express how much I love my husband. Sometime I think I could invent NEW words, that might, just maybe get CLOSE to saying how I really truly feel. I can't find words. I tell him all the time that I'm going to spend my life trying to tell him and show him how much I love him. He deserves the best. He deserves the world, and nothing less.

3 talker(s):

The Pettijohn's said...

COOL pic!

Tanya said...

Hi, I'm visiting from the Riggs family blog. I said a prayer for you guys. My husband (Rob)was also laid off not so long ago from his dream job. He got another job and even though it's not what he wants right now it'll have to do. It's rough out there!

Sara said...

Hahaha, Tim says the same thing!!! He even tries to come up with new words!! It's pretty funny!