Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome Baby Kate

Rob and I are so blessed to have Phil & Teresa (and their newest bundle) as our neighbors!!! They live across the alley, so many of our "get togethers" occur as one of us leaves or comes home and the other happens to be working on a project in the garage or coming home from shopping. I will leave you to determine which 2 work on projects, and which 2 shop =) At any rate, I can remember the EXACT day Phil and Teresa stood in our garage and told us they were 10 weeks pregnant. It was about a week after we had them over for dinner and I knew something was up when Teresa had told Phil "he can drink my wine for me". WHAT?!?!? Of course I didn't say anything, knowing they would offer up information when they wanted too. Rob and I purchased a new car that next week, and when we were standing in our garage discussing larger SUV's...that's when they told us! Anyone who knows me and my baby infatuation knows that I am so grateful for Teresa being so sweet and patient as I asked her 100 questions each time I saw her regarding her pregnancy, how she was feeling, when the next doctors appointment was and if I could come how the nursery was coming along. When Rob and I got married, Phil and Teresa had just found out the sex of their baby- and at our reception, we learned they would be having a baby girl =) Teresa was induced very early on Thursday morning, and from what I can gather at this point had a smooth and quick delivery!!!!

Sweet Baby Kate was born at 10:32 AM on Thursday, February 26th, weighing in at 7 lb. 6 oz.

She has the most precious features and sweetest little head of hair. I can't WAIT to meet her in person!!!!

Congratulations Phil & Teresa and welcome Baby Kate!!!!!

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Josh&Alli said...

Congrats to them!! That's nice that your so close with them!! I wish we were close to our neighbors but they are a little texas chainsaw massacreish. :o)

PT said...

Thanks for sharing this Amy. So nice of you to come see us in the hospital. Looking forward to hanging out again soon.