Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Rundown

So here's a brief update on where we're at in the Spencer household.....calm down and breathe..I know you're hyperventilating from anticipation!!

The Ski Trip was awesome!!! We had a wonderful time, laughed a lot..fell a little- and well, I suffered a small tiny concussion from a jump I tried to go off of, but hey, I'm a trooper!!! We are already planning our next Ski Trip!!

School is going. Ohhhh is it over. I have a week FULL of tests next week, so to say I will be spending the weekend studying is an understatement. And they aren't going to be any kind of "easy" exam...these are gonna be tough. Please wish me luck!!!

WeRob finished up our taxes last night. I was soooo thankful to him for doing these!!! I made sure to keep all of my paperwork for the taxes all in one place, so I'm suuuuure that saved him so much time =) Thank you hubby for filing these! I really do appreciate it!!!

I have purchased Rob's Valentines Gift and I hope he likes it =)

Rob and I are trying to determine where we are going on Spring Break. All we know is that we have to get away, ha! Stay tuned for that.

There are some placemats and napkins and napkin rings that I want desperately from Pier 1. I wonder if purchasing them is in my immediate future???

This update is really stupid and boring, but hey- I updated.

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Trisha said...

I waited all this time for THAT????????? Geez. LMAO j/k
I still love you.

I know where you can go for Spring Break. ST. LOUISSSSSSS!!
(Hey, since I'm the only giving you some options, you should go with mine!)