Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1 Day down...only 39 more to go...WHAT??????

This is going to be short. Because my fingers just might fall off. I do have to admit that it was a GREAT feeling to conquer bootcamp last night. There was a sense of pride and excitment amongst my panting and wondering if I head home, or to the nearest hospital.

I don't think I told you guys, that the personal trainer hosting this bootcamp is a Cancer Survivor. She is 30 and was diagnosed when she was 23. After completing one of her final rounds of Chemo when she was about 25..her doctor informed her that her ovaries might be asleep for 6 months or so, but not to worry- as they would begin functioning again. She informed me that she and her husband (who is a firefighter in our town) didn't do anything to further "prevent" conceiving and low and behold not a month after her final round of chemo she was pregnant. She had her daughter, and when the trainer was 2, she relapsed. And relapsed hard. She just went through a bone marrow transplant about a year ago. She in fact still has her port, which she expects to be taken out next money. This trainer is an inspiration yall. She loves what she does, and if this woman can get out there in the heat and motivate us, and do examples of moves correctly...then I'm sure my healthy (but lardy) body can make it through as well.

When I was sitting there wanting to cuss life and cuss myself for being overweight, I thought of all she had overcome and how much further she WILL go, and it gave me a little bit of motivation to push myself. I can't help but wonder if God put her in my life right now, for a reason. I'm very much looking forward to my 8 more weeks with her!

Now- about the bootcamp itself....I was sweating in places I didn't know had sebaceous glands. I was doing things I thought only the pro football players did...and I felt like I was going to puke, passout, and die of a heart attack ALL at the same time. But, well, as you can see- I didn't. {insert a hip hip hooray}. At the beginning we were outside for about 20 minutes (ahem, in Texas so read 100 degrees) doing lunges, and other heinous leg regimen's and I really thought my legs were going to collapse underneath me.

We went inside and did some cardio, did a weight circuit, some more cardio, and then abs.

It was really awesome, and I am totally looking forward to tonight, and totally hoping that we work on upper body, and don't move a muscle in lower body. Totally.

(Thank yall for all of the encouragement and support! This really means a whole lot to me- I love yalls comments!)

I'm off to take some advil....with some water, instead of Diet Coke.

3 talker(s):

Foster Mama said...

Water and advil will help you alot. Most workouts that I've seen usually work lower body then upper and switch off everyday, hopefully for you sake that is how this one is. Your doing great!!!! Kepp it up!!!!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

good job amy!!! Hope you continue to feel great and enjoy it after a couple times! You can do it!!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Way to go! Keep it up and you'll definitely see the results you want!