Friday, June 19, 2009

Bridesmaid Luncheon

So I thought I would post up a bit about the Bridesmaid Luncheon we had for the amazing ladies in our wedding.

There is this FANTASTIC nail salon/spa that opened near our home about a year ago. They are soooo sweet in there, and I continue to visit them today. Well not "today"- but you know what I mean. So as a treat to my lovely ladies, we took them to the Salon and they were all treated to Pedicures, Lunch, and Custom Ordered Cupcakes :) I mean...what girly get together is complete without Delicious Cupcakes!!!! Anyway, moving on from food...we all got together for our Pedicures and Pampering on Friday around lunchtime, so that we would be finished and could get ready for our Rehearsal Dinner that evening.

Everyone had such a fun fun time and I truly enjoyed getting time with the girls for pampering, laughs, cupcakes, wine and spending my last few hours as an un-married woman!!!

These are the girls' bridesmaids gifts. It was an adorable wicker basket filled with all kinds of pampering goodies, totes, and some flip flops that matched their dresses in case they wanted to change at the reception!


Cupcakes with Lipstick, Brushes, and Fingernail polish decorations!

My sweet, sweet Junior Bridesmaid and Me

Caught Red Handed.....Apparently I was thinking about what I was doing the next day =)

All of the gorgeous girls, including my mother =)

Such a fun, fun, fun time!!!!!

What did YOU ladies do for your Bridal/Bridesmaid Parties, if you had one???

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Suzanne said...

That looks like so much fun!! You and all your friends are a bunch of hotties!!

Angie said...

That did look like a ton o fun!
For my bridesmaid luncheon my step mom organized a big lunch at her country club for all my side and my hubs side of the family. We had a really nice day eating and talking and hanging out on their patio. I also got really lucky and had 3 bridal showers.
Here's a link to my bridal luncheon blog post:

alyssa said...

looks like fun! cute pictures!

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